Battle Art is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Ashiee.

List of Battle Art abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description Image
Advance ? An attack dealing increased damage, at the cost of lowering defense until your next action.
Sturmwind 12 MP 13 Damages an enemy.
Raging Rush 24 MP 29 A threefold attack on an enemy.
Metatron Torment 33 MP 44 Damages an enemy based on your current HP.
Ukko's Fury 50 MP 58 Hits an enemy twice with unequaled power.
Whirlwind 10 MP 10 Damages all enemies.
Storm's Path 18 MP 20 Damages all enemies.
Steel Cyclone 30 MP 34 Damages all enemies and drains a portion of the damage.
Fell Cleave 45 MP 54 Damages all enemies with massive force.
Power Break 5 MP ? Lowers an enemy's attack power.
Armor Break 10 MP 8 Lower's an enemy's defense.
Full Break 25 MP 39 Lowers all of an enemy's stats.
Berserk 20 MP 15 Increases attack by 50%. Reduces defense by 50%.
Bloodbath 20 MP 24 Recovers a portion of the next attack's damage.
Foresight 15 MP 49 Reduce damage from physical attacks by 80%

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