"Battle Toned" is the fourth episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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After jumping into a compression pool in the Rift town, Squall and Zidane are teleported to the Planet's Core, a place they weren't supposed to appear it. Jecht then appears saying that the clown brought him a circus act. Squall asks him who he is, but the man ignores his question and comments on Squall's stoicism and Zidane's tail. As the monkey-tailed boy flips back, Jecht attacks Squall, mocking his use of the word "lion". Zidane then joins the fray. The battle continues on and Jecht attempts to perform a powerful attack, but as he lands it he notices that Squall and Zidane are running away. In actuality, they hope to come up with a strategy to overpower him, but Jecht is quicker and catches up to Squall whom he assaults with a relentless charge and then follows to Zidane and does the same with him.

After his defeat at the hands of Squall at the Rift town, Ex-Death materializes in the World of Darkness. Cloud of Darkness notes that the Crystals have weakened him. Ex-Death reveals that he requires one more Crystal to break out of this prison. Cloud of Darkness suggests using a warrior of a fragile heart that they can fill with darkness to help them break free.

Back in the Planet's Core, Squall suggests employing Zidane's idea of a combination attack to help them defeat their adversary. The attack succeeds and Jecht stops for the moment. He then charges up, summoning a meteor into his hand and throwing it at Squall and Zidane.

Back at the Edge of Madness, Kefka reveals to the Emperor that the deal he struck with Jecht involves his son. Despite the triviality of the deal, the Emperor says its completely to their favor and he declares that he will personally see to Jecht's son being cared for properly. Then Kefka relays to the Emperor the fight between Jecht and Squall and Zidane, who comments on how he finally sees why people call Jecht "ace". The Emperor hopes that the attack left Squall and Zidane damaged beyond repair and not dead, explaining to Kefka that "delegation is key to ruling all". He then says if Kefka wasn't so noisy he'd make the perfect general who says that it is a small price for his services for the Empire. The Emperor then supposes that even kings have their jesters and when he notices Kefka's attempts to control his laughter he permits him to burst into it.