Blitz is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Fievel.

List of Blitz abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description Image
Pummel Blitz Input
? Hits an enemy three times.
Chi Blast Blitz Input
? Damages one enemy with Ki.
Aura Pulse Blitz Input
? Damages all enemies.
Suplex Blitz Input
20 Damages an enemy.
Razor Gale Blitz Input
28 Deals wind damage to all enemies.
Soul Spiral Blitz Input
40 Sacrifices self to heal all party members fully.
Pounce Blitz Input
45 Damages an enemy and dispels some buffs.
Asuran Fists Blitz Input
56 An eightfold attack with massive force.
Fists of Fire 10 MP 25 Grants an attack bonus. Drains MP while in use. Makes physical attacks fire elemental.
Fists of Wind 10 MP 29 Grants a speed bonus. Drains MP while in use. Makes physical attacks wind elemental.
Fists of Earth 10 MP 27 Grants a def/mdef bonus. Drains MP while in use. Makes physical attacks earth elemental.
Chakra Blitz Input
32 Recovers HP and removes some status ailments.
Boost 5 MP 15 Doubles attack for your next action.
Featherfoot 15 MP 37 Evade all physical attacks for a round.
Counterstance 15 MP 50 Counter rate is dramatically improved. Defense is reduced to 0.

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