Blue is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Doiden. To learn a Blue ability, Doiden is required to use Study on an enemy.

List of Blue abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Enemy Description Image
1000 Needles 20 MP Initial Deals 1000 damage to a target.
Awful Eye 25 MP Bloody Eye Lowers attack power of all enemies.
Aqua Breath 15 MP Deathanet Deals water damage to all enemies.
Bad Breath 35 MP Great Malboro Inflicts a variety of status ailments on all enemies.
Battery Charge 20 MP Machine Cannon Gradually restores the caster's MP.
Blank Gaze 15 MP Gargoyle Dispels enemy buffs.
Blaster 15 MP Panther Paralyzes an enemy.
Body Slam 60 MP Dark Dragon Deals damage to all enemies.
Blaze 20 MP Chimera Deals damage to all enemies equal to the user's HP.
Dimensional Death 20 MP Mummy Damages an enemy.
Disseverment 60 MP Tellahh Tears apart one enemy with brutal strikes.
Enervation 25 MP Provoker Lowers the def and mdf of all enemies.
Eyes On Me 30 MP Sky Pupil Deals heavy dark damage to an enemy.
Healing Breeze 20 MP Lamia Restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies.
MP Drainkiss 5 MP Marid Drain an enemy's MP.
Magic Fruit 25 MP Rafflesia Restore HP to one ally.
Memento Mori 15 MP Mindflayer Increases the target's magic attack.
Radiant Breath 35 MP Yellow Dragon Deals damage and inflicts Paralyze and Silence.
Self Destruct 10 MP Mine Deal massive damage at the cost of the caster.
Saline Coat 15 MP Centipede Increases the caster's magic defense.
Spinal Cleave 12 MP Initial Damages an enemy.
Temporal Shift 40 MP Death Beholder Inflicts Stop on an enemy.
Wild Carrot 5 MP Initial Recover a small amount of HP for one ally.
White Wind 34 MP Eukaryote Recover HP for all allies.
Frog Drop 90 MP Golden Frog* The legendary Blue Magic. Damages all enemies. Damages goes up as the caster's HP goes down.

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