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Bushido is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Marz.

List of Bushido AbilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description Image
Tachi: Enpi CT Level 1 ? Damages an enemy.
Tachi: Yukikaze CT Level 2 ? Damages an enemy.
Tachi: Gekko CT Level 3 20 Damages an enemy. Chance to inflict Silence.
Tachi: Kasha CT Level 4 29 Damages an enemy. Chance to inflict Paralysis.
Tachi: Fudo CT Level 5 44 Damage random enemies.
Tachi: Shoha CT Level 6 58 Extreme damage on one enemy. Damage improves as Marz wins battles.
Gil Toss 1 Gil 62 Money solves every problem.
Meditate 30 MP 39 Focus to reduce charge time temporarily.
Hasso 20 MP 15 Increases attack and speed by 25%. Reduces defense by 50%.

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