Cloud was a character from Final Fantasy Discovery who appears in the first and Release Some Weekend demos. He is a mercenary.



Cloud's artwork is based on Final Fantasy VII character, Cloud Strife. He has blonde hair which is largely covered by a bronze helmet. His blue vest is the similar shade of blue as Cloud Strife's SOLDIER uniform. The Fenrir symbol also appears on the right of the two bronze spaulders. He wears white scarf around his neck.


Like it applies in the artwork, several characteristics of Cloud Strife from the early portions of Final Fantasy VII are present in Cloud from Final Fantasy Discovery. Cloud is a cold person and easy to anger causing it to often argue with Cid Margrace.


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Cloud, along with Locke and Squall, are actually Palamecian soldiers who pose as mercenaries and are a group with Pulse. Before the game's start, the group took the assignment to infiltrate the Research Facility of Palamecia at Narshe from King Edgar.

During the infiltration of the facility, Cloud crosses several times with Cid, irritated to Cid's inability to traverse through the structure. Later, in the Crystal Chamber when the group meets with Mid Marquez, Locke, Cloud, and Squall reveal that they are Palamecian spies, much to Cid's surprise. When Mid summons Bahamut to kill Cid, the man evades its attack, but the three who were behind him weren't able to act quickly and Bahamut's spell hit them killing the three.


Cloud is a Red Mage and like Lyra can use Red Magic to cast various spells on the enemies. In the initial demo, Cloud had access to the Steal command ability where he could pilfer items from enemies.


Cloud is equipped with Buster Sword, Leather Cap, and Leather Armor. His equipment cannot be removed.



In the first demo for Final Fantasy Discovery, Cloud had access to the Steal command ability which was replaced by Red Magic command in the "Release Something Weekend" version.

Ability MP Cost Description Image
Scan 3
Braver Limit