CosmoFFolitan Adveture is Polish game made by Emoonia in 2010 for Polish community Final Fantasy site named It follows progress of making a magazine known as CosmoFFolitan which was quite popular on site before 2008.


Main article: Missions (CosmoFFolitan Adventure)

Game is designed to be Mission-like, as each character have his/her own task which cannot be repeated. During many missions minigames are present. For fans of moogles there is a sidequest included which acts like Mognet which extends the ending, if Mognet sidequest was completed successfully.


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Main article: CosmoFFolitan Adventure/Allusions

CosmoFFolitan Adventure contain wide range of allusions to many Final Fantasy titles.


  • Game was a spoof publicized March 31, 2010, on informing that it will be continuation of Final Fantasy VII under the title of Final Fantasy VII-2.[1]


  1. - shoutbox message from December 30, 2010.


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