Crystarium is a place where Fiends and Elemental Archfiends reside in Final Fantasy Discovery.


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When Cid Margrace, Reeve Highwind, Vicks, and Wedge Farrons arrive to the chamber at the top of Mt. Mysidia, they discovered damaged elemental altar, which is the cause of the recent influx of monsters on Mt. Mysidia. Vicks says that even a slight damage to the altar may cause Fiends to emerge from the Crystarium. Suddenly, a new wave of Fiends arrive with the Fire Elemental ahead. Once they defeat it, and the accompanying Fiends, a mysterious character appears, Rubicante, one of the Elemental Archfiends, who heals the party and then attacks it saying that he won't allow them to imperil the Crystals. In the middle of the fight, another Elemental Archfiend appears, Scarmiglione, and says that these are not the humans they are looking for. Then the battle finishes, Rubicante heals the party, says he's sorry and leaves with Scarmiglione.