"Curses and Burdens" is the fifth episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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After his battle with Jecht, Squall wakes up still in the Planet's Core, but discovers that Zidane has gone missing and suspects that their enemy's strike has probably thrown him into a compression pool. Soon after that Bartz appears and when told about Zidane being missing, the man just brushes it off saying that he always survives so they shouldn't worry about him.

Meanwhile in Kefka's Tower, Jecht decides to rest scoring a victory over Squall and Zidane and saying that the latter one put more off a struggle. Unknown to him, Zidane is far above the ground where he stands and spies on him, planning his next move. Jecht decides to play some blitzball. Zidane then overhears Kefka speaking to Terra, trying to befriend her. He says that without his help her world and everything she loves in it will be gone and just when he is about to leave her as she doesn't replies to his questions, she finally speaks up and asks him what are his plans regarding her. Kefka then corrects her that it is not her that they need, but her powers and reveals to her that she is not a human, greatly startling her and she starts going berserk. Kefka laments how she has all that destructive power, while he has none. When Terra asks him how her power can be stopped, the clown grows mad and decides to leave her, opting to do some trivial activities. The girl wonders who she is.

At the Edge of Madness, Gabranth ensures the Emperor that he made the esper fall quick. The Emperor states that his strength is frigtening, but Gabranth says that only to those whom he is not loyal to. The Emperor wonders about Gabranth's loyalty as he was the one to send Kefka to lay waste to Gabranth's home, who states that it is no more, and his whole allegiance lies within the Empire. The Emperor then requests Gabranth to finish off the remaining espers.

In the Pandaemonium, Gabranth appears and passes by Cloud. He then uses his powers to teleport elsewhere.

Back at the Edge of Madness, Cloud arrives and the Emperor asks him how is his search for Sephiroth going. Cloud refuses to speak about it and retaliates with how he is the one who got Terra for him. The Emperor tasks him with the guard duty of Kefka's Tower as an unwanted trespasser could release the girl and make all of Cloud's hard work go to waste. Cloud agrees to it, reminding him about their deal of how he can pick conditions of his orders and Emperor relents and says that he doesn't need to kill anyone as long as he keeps unwanted attention away from Kefka's lair. Just before he goes off, Cloud reminds the Emperor to not jurt the girl.