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Dance is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Kaayu.

List of Dance AbilitiesEdit

Ability Requirement Level Description Image
Cure Waltz 5 MP ? Restores a small amount of HP.
Cura Waltz 20 MP ? Restores a moderate amount of HP.
Curaga Waltz 35 MP ? Restores a large amount of HP.
Curaja Waltz 50 MP 53 Restores a massive amount of HP.
Divine Waltz 20 MP ? Heals all allies for a small amount of HP.
Healing Waltz 25 MP 38 Removes most status ailments and debuffs on an ally.
Blade Dance 35 MP 45 A 5-hit attack on an enemy.
Witch Hunt 10 MP ? Drains MP from all enemies.
Mincing Minuet 10 MP ? Deals damage to all enemies and drains HP.
Somnus Step 25 MP ? Inflicts Sleep on all enemies.
Slow Dance 30 MP 42 Inflicts Slow on all enemies.
Pyrrhic Puncture 35 MP ? Reduces the attack power of all enemies.
Disillusion 35 MP ? Reduces the magic attack of all enemies.
Sonorous Serra 35 MP ? Reduces the defense and magic defense of all enemies.
Forbidden Dance 50 MP 48 Inflicts a multitude of staus ailments on all enemies.
Last Dance 99 MP 58 The ultimate dance. Inflicts Stop on all enemies and causes them to suffer 50% more damage.
Dream Eater 10 MP ? Damages all enemies. Deals 5x damage to targets with Sleep status.

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