Darius Nobleton is a playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy.





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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

When Vahn checks on the recently caught Ivalice general, Braak, Darius appears and sees Vahn and Hans talking with the general, he comes to a conclusion that they are collaborating with the prisoner and accuses them of plotting against Lord Adder. He also threatens the prisoner with a death sentence, much to the dragon's surprise and is scolded for this by the dragoons. He leaves them and goes to Lord Adder trying to convince him that Vahn and Hans are plotting against him, but Adder doesn't believe his words and strips him from his rights as punishment. Angry Darius leaves the room, but is soonly caught up by Vahn and warned that if he finds he's misbehaving, Vahn will report him. Envious of Vahn's prestige in the country, Darius attack him but is defeated and leaves the castle in order to train to get stronger than the dragoon. During his session in the fields, Darius hears a mysterious voice promising him power needed to top Vahn if he were to go to the Water Shrine where he would get it. In the Shrine, Darius drains its power with the help of Malacore. Later, he appears before Vahn and Hans in the Crystal Chamber of the Shrine by teleporting there, much to their surprise. He says that he got his new powers tanks to the help of his 'new friend' and taunts Vahn forcing him to return to the Castle. Back in the Castle's throne room, Darius is threatening Lord Adder and when Vahn arrives, he challenges the dragoon into a fight which he loses, and leaves them.

Darius attacks the Citadel after some time. Later, in the Crystal Chamber of the Fire Crystal he demands Malacore to give him power of the Fire Crystal, but the entity states that it doesn't hasn't fully recovered for it to be able to successfully transfer the Crystal's power to Darius. The dragoon then speaks some wroth words saying that he is far more powerful than the entity who he can easily defeat as he doesn't need him. However, Malacore driven mad by him disposes him. Darius's consciousness ends up slumbering within Malacore, the being not aware of it.

Malacore then challenges the party to a battle, intending to demonstrate his newly acquired power, but a voice interrupts him. Malacore recognizes the voice and identifies it as Darius,. The fallen dragoon then taps into the Crystal power absorbed by Malacore and frees himself from the ties to Malacore and materializes before the entity is able to neutralize his consciousness. Darius then attacks Malacore with the power he attained from his ties to him and the being escapes, shortly after declaring its next target: the Crystal of Earth. Vahn decides to quickly go to Lindblum Kingdom and wonders if Darius will join him if he is not intending to return to Branch. Now the dark knight then says thay he wishes for nothing else and that he wants to pay back to Malacore for what he did to him. Just as the party leaves the Wind Shrine, Braak appears in the back noting how fruitful spying on Vahn and Vera has turned out. When the party returns, Lenadia Castle is under Ivalice attack and rushes to the throne room.

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Later lifeEdit

Darius serves as Vahn's Lord for the rest of his life as an atonement for all his evil-doing he done under Zeul's influence. He secretly starts to date Jasmine Amiro and the two develop a deep emotional bond. He dies twenty years later at the hands of Carwen Berona during a conflict with rebels. A monument is later erected in his honor.


As a Dark Knight, Darius takes extra damage from Holy-elemental attacks, but absorbs Shadow-elemental damage.


Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
18 982 1 67 56 13 71
20 1,119 1 74 60 14 76
30 1,929 1 115 82 22 103
40 2,897 1 161 107 30 133
50 3,981 1 211 134 39 166
60 5,135 1 263 162 49 200
70 6,334 1 316 191 59 236
80 7,560 1 370 220 69 272
90 8,806 1 425 250 79 308
99 9,999 1 477 278 88 342



"Darius" is a Roman form of Δαρειος (Dareios), which was the Greek form of the Persian name Dārayavahush, which was composed of the elements dâraya – "to possess" and vahu – "good", both aptly refering to Darius's character development through the game.

The part "noble" of his last name refers to his inner change mid game and his actions after the game's ending where he would help people in need.

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