Darkness is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Gradd.

List of Darkness abilitiesEdit

Ability Cost Level Description Image
Power Slash 5 MP ? Damages an enemy. Has a high damage variance.
Minus Strike 8 MP ? Damages an enemy. Damage is based on your current HP.
Dark Bane 20% HP 20 Deals damage to an enemy at the cost of HP.
Resolution 24 MP 27 A fivefold attack.
Final Thrust 30 MP 44 Deals dark damage to an enemy based on remaining HP, and reduces HP to critical.
Unholy Sacrifice 32 MP
35% HP
45 Sacrifice HP to damage all enemies.
Apocalyptic Strike 52 MP 55 Attack 3 times with overpowering darkness. Chance to add Imperil.
Dark Wave 20% HP ? Sacrifice HP to attack all enemies.
Last Resort 10 MP ? Increases attack power, but KOs the user after a short time.
Souleater 20% HP 35 Doubles attack power at the cost of HP.

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