Dragon is a skillset in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy exclusive to Vahn Vainstrong.

List of Dragon abilitiesEdit

Ability MP Cost Description Stats Acquirement
Flame Spear 3 "Hurl a spear made of fire at an enemy" Level 8
Terragon Surge 2 "Jump into the air and come down upon the enemy"
Target: Single enemy
Traits: Ignore Defense
Element: Air
125 10 1 5 Initial
Quick Slice 2 "A quick, unsteady spear attack" Level 3
Double Strike 4 "Two focused spear attacks" Level 5
Syphon Spear 0 "Absorbs a miniscule amount of MP" Level 2
Dragon Aura 1 "Removes poison and slow status ailments" Initial
Dragon's Grace 2 "Recovers HP (Party)"
Target: All allies
Traits: Ignore Defense
45 2 2 4 Level 13
Cleave 5 "Air Elemental" Level 17
Aqua Spear 5 "Water Elemental Attack" Level 18
Dragon's Courage 100% "Increases Fire Resist" Initial
Dragon's Resolve 100% "Increases Blizzard Resist" Initial
Dragon's Devotion 100% "Increases Thunder Resist" Initial


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