Dragon Art is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Azran.

List of Dragon Art abilitiesEdit

Ability Requirement Level Description
True Thrust 5 MP ? Damages an enemy.
Angon 12 MP ? Damages an enemy and lowers their defense.
Disembowel 20 MP ? Damages an enemy and increases damage dealt by piercing attacks.
Lancet 30 MP 45 Damages an enemy and drains a portion of the damage as HP.
Chaos Thrust 45 MP 55 Damages an enemy.
Fire Breath 10 MP ? Deals fire damage to all enemies.
Blizzard Breath 10 MP ? Deals ice damage to all enemies.
Thunder Breath 10 MP ? Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
Cherry Blossom 29 MP 33 Deals nonelemental damage to all enemies.
Holy Breath 35 MP 50 Deals holy damage to all enemies.
Dragonfire Dive 50 MP 60 Deals damage based on the number of dragons killed.
Reis's Wind 20 MP ? Grants Regen to all party members.
Luna 32 MP ? Inflicts Berserk on all party members and enemies.
Power Surge 10 MP 41 Doubles the power of your next Jump.
White Draw 40 MP 37 Restore MP to all allies.

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