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Draw Out is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Marz.

List of Draw Out AbilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description Image
Spirit Blade Kunai × 1 ? Summons a spirit to damage an enemy. Requires Kunai. 1/8th chance Kunai is lost.
Binding Darkness Kodachi × 1 18 Howling spirits damage all enemies. Requires Kodachii. 1/8th chance Kodachi is lost.
Verse of Oblivion Kotetsu × 1 12 Releases a spirit that feeds on the target's MP. Requires Kotetsu. 1/8th chance Kotetsu is lost.
Rain of Wisdom Crimson Cherry × 1 24 Tears of a soul restore HP to all party members. Requires Crimson Cherry. 1/8th chance it is lost.
Cloudsea Curse Asura × 1 34 A curse descends upon all enemies, inflicting Slow. Requires Asura. 1/8th chance Asura is lost.
Purifying Breeze Boltslicer × 1 42 The spirits of the Katana protect and shell all allies. Requires Boltslicer. 1/8th chance Boltslicer is lost.
Ethereal Embrace Hagun × 1 49 Spirits bolster all allies, granting Regen and speed. Requires Hagun. 1/8th chance Hagun is lost.
Raging Inferno Futsuno Mitama × 1 54 The rage of tortured souls immolates all enemies. Requires Futsuno Mitana. 1/8th chance it is lost.

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