Elina Alunira is a playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy.





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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

Elina accompanies the Elder when Deckar, Eva, and Vera intterogate him to catch a so-thought rebel who had attacked the Citadel. After the battle between Vera and her former colleagues, a dragoon who helped Vera, Vahn, explains the situation revealing that a dragoon named Darius is the one who attacked the Citadel and they need a white mage to purify him from the black magic. The elder then assigns a hesitant Elina to Vahn's group to help him. After discussing where the party could find Darius, Vahn theorizes that he may be after Crystals, and Elina notices the disappearance of Mysidian Flame, a symbol of Fire Crystal's well-being. The party decides to investigate the matter by going to Mount Gulgur where the Crystal resides. After passing through Mount Mysidia, Elina informs the party they will go through the abandoned town of Niflheim which lies beneath the volcano.

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Later lifeEdit

Elina returns to Mystic Mysidia where she discovers that the elder is in critical condition from an illness he hid from the townspeople. With her newfound faith, Elina cured the elder, who retired despite his good health, and names her the new elder of the town a year after the Great Cataclysm. She later became pregnant and gave birth to Markim Alunira at the age of 38. At the age of 73, Elina passes away from the old age.


Elina takes extra damage for Shadow-elemental attacks.


Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
5 193 49 6 10 29 58
10 344 76 11 13 38 67
20 752 145 25 21 63 90
30 1,307 230 43 30 93 119
40 1,974 328 63 40 128 151
50 2,718 432 84 52 165 186
60 3,511 541 106 63 204 222
70 4,334 653 129 76 244 259
80 5,177 767 152 88 285 298
90 6,033 882 176 101 326 336
99 6,852 992 198 112 365 372




Elina is a name of Spanish origin and means "shining light".

Alunir is a French verb meaning "to land on the Moon".


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