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FF VIOLIN -FINAL FANTASTIC VIOLIN- is an arrangement album featuring music from Final Fantasy series rearranged with the inclusion of violin.

Track listEdit

  1. "Final Fantasy" - 3:42
    Arrangement of the main theme of the Final Fantasy series.
  2. "Fight 1 ~ Fight 2 ~ The Dreadful Fight ~ The Final Battle" - 5:31
    Collective arrangement of battle battles from Final Fantasy IV.
  3. "Tenderness in the air" - 3:27
    Arrangement of one of three town themes of Final Fantasy V.
  4. "Battle Theme" - 2:46
    Arrangement of Final Fantasy VI's main battle theme.
  5. "The Decisive Battle" - 2:47
    Arrangement of normal boss theme from Final Fantasy VI.
  6. "Tina" - 2:46
    Arrangement of Terra Branford's theme from Final Fantasy VI.
  7. "Fighting" - 3:44
    Arrangement of Final Fantasy VII's battle theme.
  8. "Force Your Way" - 3:58
    Arrangement of Final Fantasy VIII's normal boss theme.
  9. "The Extreme" - 4:57
    Arrangement of Final Fantasy VIII's final boss theme.
  10. "Blinded By Light" - 4:46
    Arrangement of Final Fantasy XIII's battle theme.

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