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Since its release, several people reported various bugs and glitches within Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy. UPRC has systematically uploaded patches and newer version of the game in order to maintain game's playability.



  • First public release of the full game.


  • Adjusted HP of dozens of monsters.
  • Fixed issue that prevented players from leaving the Moogle Village via entranceway they came in through.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue to stop players from walking overtop papers posted on various castle/town interior walls.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Fixed drop rate of Whelk when in his shell so that he drops appropriate treasure.
  • Lowered Poison Spore's poison damage significantly.
  • Modified the boss of the Fire Shrine's attacks to be non-elemental due to a conflict with a scripted event.
  • Modified Vahn's "Dragon Force" ability from increasting vigor by 20 to 75.
  • Removed antlion claws from the Cave Drake fight, as they weren't supposed to be there.
  • Removed experience gains from all bosses.


  • Fixed a teleportation issue with a door located in the Trei Cave which would not let players pass through after opening it.
  • Fixed chest in Mohadmal Passage that allowed the player to obtain infinite ethers.
  • Fixed some teleportation issues on the world map that allowed chocobos to travel to places they should not be able to.
  • Fixed tile in Mohadmal Pyramid that forced player into an inescapable loop.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Fixed walls in Disused Cottage so that player can properly access a chest behind a counter.
  • Increased HP off bosses for the first half of the game (or more).
  • Increased healing effect of White Wind to 1000 from 650.
  • Increased stats of the Dragoon Spear to make it a more desirable upgrade.
  • Increased vigor bonus from Partisan Spear to 65 from 40.
  • Lowered overall damage generated by Warts.
  • Lowered the speed of many monsters by 5 to 20 points.
  • Modified door leading to Trei Tunnel so that it locks again after the player loses control of Hans.
  • Removed Bio from the attack patterns of the bosses in the Temple of Visionaries.
  • Removed Poison from the attack pattern of Rottens.
  • Removed Scorpion Tail from Mystic Mysidia's weapon shop.


  • Changed name of Ogre to ElemOgre to reflect resistance to elemental attacks.
  • Changed the chef in Branch Castle's mess hall to sell cheese and turnips.
  • Decreased attack and speed of Cornelia boss by a moderate amount.
  • Fixed another tile in Mohadmal Pyramid that forced player into an inescapable loop.
  • Fixed description of Soft to indicate that it cures petrify.
  • Fixed issue in Branch Castle where guards would refer to you as Vahn while playing as Hans.
  • Fixed issue that made the Old Branch boss fight repeatable.
  • Increased HP and damage output of Quetzalcoatl.
  • Increased scariness factor of Mohadmal spirits if player does not have Mohadmal gear. Also made their attacks non-elemental.
  • Increased stats of most pieces of upgraded equipment.
  • Modified conditions for winning items in Mizuda's Refuge. Items are now harder to win.
  • Modified monsters that Hillsdale's elder sends you out to kill. They now move around a little bit in their respective deserts.
  • Modified the Moogle Bangle to avoid conflicts with various parallel events. It is now a battle item that does something interesting.
  • Modified Trei Tunnel's entranceway so that it can only be used when controlling Hans.
  • Removed Branch Castle's conference room.
  • Removed Hel and replaced her with a new monster.


  • Emergency fix to a problem Adon237 encountered which started an event prematurely at Lindblum Castle.
  • Lowered Bosche's initial level to 20 from 30 (I have no idea how it was set at 30).


  • Added teleport leading into Crescent Village's pub. It was mysteriously absent previously.
  • Changed Antlion Spear and Scorpion Tail so that they only attack once.
  • Fixed issue allowing chocobos to bypass Organa entirely.
  • Fixed issue that made the plains background appear indoors.
  • Fixed issue that made Surt boss fight repeatable.
  • Fixed some issues that would result in game overs when the party would swap dead characters in and out.
  • Increased HP of monsters up until Mystic Mysidia.
  • Increased HP of final boss and the optional super bosses.
  • Increased speed bonus from Sandals.
  • Removed the teleport leading to the world map in Oalston's dream sequence.
  • Resolved problem that made Bosche show up in the Rift Shrine even if you didn't recruit him.


  • Adjusted magic bonus of the Shadow Rod to match what is said in the description (+45 magic).
  • Fixed a crash caused by there being no battle background for ocean tiles. There is now a bridge background when fighting on bridges/ocean.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to walk over candles on walls.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Regent Gran's introductory event to be repeated.
  • Fixed issue that made Hans leave Branch Castle instead of re-enter when looking for Braak.
  • Fixed more tiles in Mohadmal Pyramid that forced player into an inescapable loop.
  • Fixed up some typos in and around Branch Castle.
  • Increased HP of Tech Gremlins drastically while lowering their agility by 80.
  • Increased all stats of Monk's Glove significantly.
  • Removed ability to use some accessories and weapons aas spell-casting battle items.
  • Rewrote a few books in Branch Castle's library.


  • Added experience gains back to boss fights (requested often on IRC).
  • Fixed Coeurl sprite.
  • Fixed issue that caused a battle in the Mohadmal Pyramid to be repeatable.
  • Fixed issue that allowed chocobos to bypass Palumpu Post.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to open chests in Disused Cottage from over the counters.
  • Fixed Mage Masher so that it was a one handed weapon rather than two handed.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Increased attack power of almost all bosses by a very significant margin.
  • Increased Devil Bow attack power to 55.
  • Modified Smolder Spear's speed reduction to match what is said in the item's description.
  • Modified world map south of Leyton to prevent low level players from fighting behemoths.
  • Removed tombstone encounters from the Trei Keep.


  • Changed battle animations for Flame, Blizzard, and Thunder swords.
  • Corrected Bavira's teleports so that player would not end up in incorrect world map area.
  • Fixed issue that allowed player to walk on Falhud Castle's throne.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Vahn to be the only party member after Mt. Ozma depending on which tile they used to trigger the final event.
  • Fixed issue that prevented player from leaving Lindblum throne room after meeting Regent Gran.
  • Fixed stats of Nullifier Spear to correspond with description.
  • Fixed chipset problem in Rebel's Hideout that allowed the player to walk over walls.
  • Fixed chipset problem on dock maps which allowed players to walk over a wall tile.
  • Fixed teleport inside of Visage's pub so that it no longer takes you to Cornelia when you exit.
  • Removed ability to save anywhere in Tzen.


  • Added a smithing shop west of the Lenadia Tourism Bureau. Contains new items.
  • Added event to Rudra Cavern that would turn player back if they hadn't visited the Rift Shrine.
  • Changed first world map theme to the overworld music from Final Fantasy IV.
  • Disabled ability to save whenever desired in Daguero and Kohlingen.
  • Fixed another issue that caused a plains battle background to appear indoors.
  • Increased intelligence influence of Ami's blue magic spells.
  • Modified priorites of status conditions so that negative ones will show over positive ones.
  • Removed encounters from East Branch's vault.
  • Replaced blue magic spell Trine with Megavolt.


  • Added event to Trei Catacombs that will turn player back if they are playing as Hans.
  • Changed description of Elina's Dispel ability.
  • Changed font to a custom one provided by WCouillard.
  • Fixed issue that let player save anywhere in Cave of Ultros, Crescent Village, and Lantz.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the plains battle background to appear in brown caves.
  • Fixed issue in Lucid Depths that prevented the player from reaching a chest near the exit.
  • Fixed teleportation issues at the South Shore Checkpoint.
  • Removed Cyclops Eye's ability to cut cost of spells in half since it was never supposed to do this in the first place.


  • Added a new helmet for magic users which is available in the Rift Shrine towards the end of the game.
  • Added NPCs to smithing shops who explain how to upgrade items.
  • Added "Rhinotaur Scale" as a drop for rhinotaurs to allow Ami to learn Megavolt earlier.
  • Changed initial weapons of Hans and Vahn to Jailer Spears. They are weaker than the original default Wooden Spears.
  • Changed name of Wooden Spear to Practice Spear.
  • Corrected issue that allowed Vahn to learn two different abilities named Dragon Dive. Changed earlier ability to Thermal Dive.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Fixed event in Altair. Player can now enter the armor shop.
  • Fixed mapping error in Borealis Cave which prevented a player from continuing down one path.
  • Fixed grammar in a few lines of dialogue within Branch Castle and reworded a few conversations.
  • Fixed teleportation issue inside of the Rebel Hideout.
  • Increased attack power of Marauder (Sword) significantly.
  • Increased stats of Mining Axe.
  • Moved location of Bahamut on the final world map. He is now further to the east.
  • Reduced amount of gold that player can win from Aurabolt.

1.05d (Mandatory Bahamut Fix)Edit

  • Fixed bug that forced players to fight Bahamut over and over again during the optional battle with him.
  • Increased Amaterasu's HP by approximately 40,000 and doubled her magic stat.
  • Reduced number of attacks granted from Hyakki Yagyo from six to four.
  • Removed weakness towards shadow attacks/abilities of the first group of Archareons encountered by the player.


  • Added teleports to a chocobo forest on the third world map which I had accidentally made inaccessible.
  • Changed plot event in Lindblum Castle's inn so that player leaves with a full party rather than with only one party member.
  • Changed the way Bosche uses his abilities and gave him an accessory that cannot be removed.
  • Corrected Burly's text in the Tzen smithing shop.
  • Corrected Sodden Depth's exit so that it puts you in the correct location on the world map.
  • Fixed Cid's dialogue in Lindblum Castle.
  • Fixed issue that did not reset battle music to regular theme after the optional fight with Bahamut.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Tower of Babil's last boss from showing up.
  • Fixed treasure chest scripts in the Temple of Visionaries.
  • Modified Bosche in Rift Shrine that, when he is spoken to, a check is performed to verify whether or not he wearing his accessory. If not, event equips it.


  • Changed name of Mining (Axe) to Battle Axe and corrected stats to match description.
  • Corrected what battle background is used in the Ancient Castle.
  • Decreased attack power of Atma Weapon, Hyakki Yagyo and Ragnarok.
  • Fixed an event error in Mt. Ordeals.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to have access to the airship earlier than intended.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Dragon Dive from hitting for less than 9000 often.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Increased attack power of Highwind.
  • Modified attack pattern of final boss to increase overall damage received by the player.
  • Updated bestiary by changing many names, stats, experience/gold values, item drops, and weaknesses.


  • Fixed a problem with a teleport in Cornelia.
  • Fixed issue that prevented boss in the Tower of Babil from disappearing after being defeated.
  • Fixed issue with Hans not having a battle charset to represent a few status effects.
  • Fixed stats of several weapons to match their descriptions.


  • Added help folder to assist people who get lost or have various ingame issues.
  • Added a new battle theme for the second to last boss battle.
  • Corrected magic type of Dischord, Forcefield, and Magic Hammer.
  • Corrected some event and mapping errors on the third world map.
  • Fixed a minor event issue in Mystic Mysidia.
  • Fixed an event in Oaktown so that a specific NPC disappears when the town is revisited later on.
  • Fixed description of Divine Cowl.
  • Lowered defense of all party members by 100-150 points.
  • Rebalanced several bosses and monsters slightly.


  • Added New Game+.
  • Fixed a few mapping errors on the third world map that only impacted the game's presentation.
  • Fixed a teleport in the Ancient Castle that was set to Action Key rather than Touched By Hero.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the Tower of Babil.
  • Fixed late game event errors in Auction House, Chocobo Race Track, Mithril Mines, and Mt. Ordeals.
  • Fixed minor event and script issues with final boss encounter.
  • Reduced number of attacks granted from Hyakki Yagyo from four to three.
  • Revamped Omega's attack pattern.


  • Corrected stats of Heartseeker bow.
  • Fixed a few mapping errors on the third world map that only impacted chocobo travel.
  • Fixed New Game+ so that the game will give you the option of starting it.
  • Fixed teleport issues for going back and forth between Cornelia and Costa de Vita.
  • Fixed the ending which had somehow become a black screen for everyone.
  • Fixed the entrance to Citadel Sewers to prevent them from backtracking later in the game.
  • Fixed tile passability issue in the final dungeon.
  • Fixed Village of Zen's Burly. It is now possible to make Grandmaster belts.


  • Fixed issue with New Game+ that started player off with phasing mode on.
  • Fixed Omega encounter so that battle music is restored after the fight.


  • Changed Sandamander drop from Animal Skin to Charged Scale.
  • Corrected Blind status effect.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Fixed issue that caused players to lose 1000 gold rather than 500 at the Chocobo Race Track.
  • Fixed issue that allowed chocobos to cross over the desert mountain tile.
  • Fixed issues with several pieces of equipment.
  • Fixed win/lose rewards for Aurabolt.
  • Removed Burly the smith from Altair.
  • Removed Carbuncle from rewards at Jack's Shack.


  • Added new "Turtle Shell" ability to Terrapins and Turtloids.
  • Fixed an incorrect name of item received from a chest in the Water Shrine.
  • Fixed an incorrect reference to Cid that occurs in East Branch.
  • Fixed tile passability issue in Kohlingen Cave.
  • Modified conditions for meeting Diamond Weapon to be a little less demanding. Only requirement is to now beat Omega.
  • Modified properties of Wolf Ring to prevent it from practically being game breaking.
  • Removed experience and gold from Dragoon Soul encounter in the Arena.
  • Removed Scorpion Tail from the weapon shop in Leyton.
  • Removed all instances of the reflect spell that I know of.

1.09a (Rebalance Update)Edit

  • Decreased attack of all characters by 100-600 points.
  • Decreased defense of all characters by 100-500 points.
  • Decreased magic of all characters by 100-400 points.
  • Fixed issue that I thought I had previously addressed which allowed players to walk over walls in New Game+.
  • Increased HP of a few random encounters slightly.
  • Increased HP of all bosses by 100% to 500% percent.

1.1 (Reintroduction of Cut Content)Edit

  • Added a new minigame to the third world map, Treasure Hunting.
  • Added a new optional dungeon to the second world map, Obsidius Hollow.
  • Added a new optional dungeon to the third world map, Branch Castle.
  • Added a new optional dungeon to the third world map, Cave of Memories.
  • Added a new optional dungeon to the third world map, Temple Kas'ion.
  • Added a small traveler's inn to the first world map near Forgotten Forest and Hillsdale Underground Passage.
  • Added a new optional character, Jasmine the Elementalist.
  • Added an obtainable black chocobo that must be nursed back to health.
  • Added another optional superboss that I'm going to be silent about.
  • Added ethers to various item shops that previously did not have them.
  • Added five more optional summons for Vera (Bahamut Absolute, Quetzalcoatl, Siren, Ymir, Zolom).
  • Changed auction house rewards for the third world map slightly.
  • Changed Quetzalcoatl's battle graphic.
  • Changed title screen background and music.
  • Corrected an event in the Arena that made wrong battle theme play when leaving later in the game.
  • Corrected tile passability problem in Cid's Laboratory and Sky Ruins.
  • Edited the arena battle background to make it look more attractive.
  • Expanded the help folder to include more, well, help!
  • Fixed issue with Blind ailment which caused it to act like Mute.
  • Fixed issue with guard in Kohlingen that made him walk like a crab.
  • Implemented aspects of the short lived hard version into this update.
  • Increased Vahn's starting MP.
  • Lowered agility of bats in Albrook Cave.
  • Rebalanced damage of weapons.
  • Removed NPC from Meksicburg who asks for 50 pieces of bark.


  • Added ingame sequence that explains Godot's force ability.
  • Fixed a teleport issue in Temple of Kas'ion.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some auctions to endlessly repeat in the auction house later in the game.


  • Added a new ultimate relic for Bosche.
  • Buffalax and Wyvern enemies can no longer be fought in arctic areas. Vomammoth battles are more likely.
  • Corrected error in Mage's Academy that would cause Oalston to talk when not in the party.
  • Corrected teleport in Falgabard Port that prevented player from entering item shop.
  • Double checked skill tab for conflicts causing crashes with Jasmine character. Set all necessary animations for items/spells.
  • Doubled damage dealt by Arrowny Doll attack.
  • Fixed issue with Mysterious Relic items that allowed Jasmine to learn Bosche's abilities.
  • Fixed issue with Mt. Koltz that caused story to jump ahead if player visited earlier than intended.
  • Fixed teleport issue in dungeon of Branch Castle on the third world map.
  • Fixed tile issue in the Hungering Forest which allowed the player to land their airship in the forest.
  • Fixed typo in Oaktown's smithing shop to reflect that Burly upgrades Battlemage Rod to Dragon Rod.
  • Greatly improved encounter rate in the Forest of Shadows.
  • Increased Bosche's minimum and maximum agility values.
  • Increased healing effect of Pandora's Box from 35 to 300.
  • Increased rate at which Seek Ring regenerates Bosche's MP.
  • Increased reward for bringing Vomammoth furs to Gerhardt.
  • Modified item shop in the Village of Zen to sell increasingly better throwing items as the game progresses.
  • Removed Reflect from Vera's list of leveled spells.


  • Added chocobo forest indicators to the mini-maps.
  • Added a new optional dungeon to the third world map, Bafsk Subterrane. Requires black chocobo to access.
  • Added a new world map 3 file to the help folder that contains many helpful labels.
  • Added a new town to the third world map, Garamonde. Requires black chocobo to access.
  • Added many more rocky shallows to the third world map for easier chocobo travel.
  • Added NPCs throughout the game who explain elemental properties of weapons.
  • Added Trei Catacombs access to third world map (I had originally meant to do this but somehow forgot).
  • Changed description of all weapons to prevent confusion about attack power.
  • Changed MapEditZoom line in RPG_RT.ini from 1 to 0 to remove issue of screen flickering.
  • Changed the music that plays when riding the black chocobo.
  • Changed way that forcefields in Fen Stronghold determine how many orbs have been deactivated.
  • Corrected a tile passability issue on the exterior map of the Ancient Castle.
  • Corrected some tile passability issues on the first and third world maps.
  • Decreased every character's resistance to slow so that it does not miss so often.
  • Edited the Kohlingen cave to include fewer chest puzzles.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in some towns involving roof tiles.
  • Fixed issue with chest puzzle in Trei Cave that would result in player being stuck if they backtracked.
  • Fixed stats of the Tritoch Bangle item.
  • Made Ancient Castle inaccessible until the third world map.
  • Presumably fixed issue that may have caused a select few people to crash on the first Dio fight.


  • Added a second chance to recruit Bosche on the third world map for players who miss him the first time.
  • Added four more bosses to the final dungeon.
  • Added a new section to final dungeon just before the final boss.
  • Animated the panoramas in the final dungeon.
  • Changed colours of some bunnies in Mizuda's Refuge and removed their red eyes.
  • Fixed another tile in Mohadmal Pyramid that forced players into an inescapable loop.
  • Drastically improved the final ending sequence.
  • Increased time it takes for new game + option to appear on "The End" screen.
  • Removed ability to save in Desert Magic Shop, Jack's Shack, Lindblum Armory, Mizuda's Refuge, Mt. Matoya, Mt. Ordeals, and Silvera Region Item Shop.


  • Added a few small locations to the third world map such as an inn and a house with a side quest.
  • Added a new sub-boss fight to the Fen Stronghold.
  • Added a short map to the final dungeon before the final boss.
  • Added an event to help speed up getting from Cid's Laboratory to Silvera.
  • Added an optional dungeon to the third world map, Mt. Figaro. No requirements for entry other than the airship.
  • Added elemental weakness chart to the help folder.
  • Added "Focus" spell that Elina and Oalston start with. Restores a little HP and MP for a few turns.
  • Added more chests containing ethers to various dungeons up to the Lenadia portion of the game.
  • Changed name of Wolf Ring to Berserk Ring.
  • Decreased speed of many monsters in the Branch and Lenadia portions of the game.
  • Edited Surgate Waystation chase scene so that triggering rebel battles is easier to accomplish.
  • Enabled player to leave Mage Academy when controlling Elina and Oalston.
  • Improved mapping in Cave of Surt by a little bit.
  • Increased damage of Elina's Exorcism, Holy Bolt, X-White, and White spells.
  • Increased damage of Nobumasa's Ikazuchi, Katon, Suiton, Yousei Hi.
  • Increased Siegfried's starting vigor to 40 (raised from 30).
  • Increased Vahn's starting MP to 20 (raised from 14).
  • Made Hillsdale an optional town to visit. Players can bypass it entirely now if they wish.
  • Lowered price of all magic tomes.
  • Slightly rearranged bosses in the second half of the final dungeon.


  • Added accessory shops to Branch, Meksicburg Port, Mohadmal Village, Trei, and Organa.
  • Added a magic shop to Meksicburg Port.
  • Changed experience curves for all characters slightly.
  • Changed Jasmine's abilities to hit all enemies and increased their damage.
  • Corrected array of switches to be disabled upon starting New Game+.
  • Fixed a teleport issue in Darius' dream sequence.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Holy Wand when attacking with Oalston or Vera.
  • Fixed issue that allowed a mandatory boss in the final dungeon to be skipped.
  • Fixed issue created in last update that made it impossible to reach the Ancient Castle.
  • Fixed random tile passability issues in a few different areas of the game.
  • Improved dialogue at the start of the game.
  • Increased damage inflicted by most of Vahn's abilities.
  • Increased damage inflicted by Siegfried's final few abilities.
  • Increased starting gold to 500.
  • Modified final boss so that he becomes more dangerous as the fight progresses.


  • Fixed issue created by last update which prevented players from finishing Mt. Palumpu.
  • Increased overall damage inflicted by Shinryu by 1000-3000.
  • Reduced experience received from boss fights.
  • Removed BGM that plays when first encountering Dio in Cave to Mysidia to prevent a select few players from experiencing crashes.


  • Drastically reduced number of random battles in the underworld.
  • Fixed issue that had turned Hillsdale Underground Passage into an inescapable dead-end.
  • Fixed issue that resulted in cave music playing when in Trei.
  • Modified HP growth charts so that overleveled characters don't have too much HP early on.
  • Strengthened several bosses which I felt were not difficult enough.


  • Added a few Emperor Belmont and Lord Zuel cutscenes throughout the game.
  • Changed the moogle sprite.
  • Fixed HP of Malacore in one battle where I had left his HP at 999,999 from testing something.
  • Increased damage variance of final boss' Ultima.
  • Reduced priority of Seek Ring status.
  • Reduced experience granted by monsters for about 60% of the game.


  • Changed miscellaneous text strings.
  • Changed name of Escape command to Run.
  • Changed name of Ability menu to Skills.
  • Changed MP Use term to MP Cost.
  • Corrected a few instances of the "elixer" typo.
  • Fixed a few early game typos and minor things that bugged me.
  • Fixed Lich's battle sprite.
  • Unlocked the Meksicburg Dungeon for those later in the game.


  • Added a few new abilities for Nobumasa to learn.
  • Added an item that helps you retrieve the pirate's lucky coin in Cornelia.
  • Added many invisible events that stop NPCs from taking paths that may frustrate players.
  • Added secondary method of learning Ultima with Oalston. He will automatically learn it at level 80.
  • Corrected array of switches to be disabled upon starting New Game+.
  • Corrected more instances of the "elixer" typo.
  • Corrected Nobumasa's special command to read Ninjutsu rather than Ninjitsu.
  • Edited the underworld map to make it a lot less confusing and/or non-linear.
  • Expanded last area of the final dungeon enough for it to be a named area (Illusionary Fortress).
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the Cave of Memories.
  • Forced a few key items to be removed from the player's inventory upon starting New Game+.
  • Increased Godot's starting level from 30 to 34.
  • Increased Nobumasa's speed and vigor stats.
  • Removed a blank item that could be purchased for 0 gold at the pub in Cornelia.
  • Strengthened a few bosses and revamped some of their attack patterns.


  • Changed dialogue around the start of the game slightly to try and make everything flow better.
  • Changed name of Highguard sword to Enhancer in addition to giving it a magic stat bonus.
  • Changed name of LingeringSpirit monsters to Trei Ghost.
  • Completely changed attack pattern of Ooze monsters.
  • Corrected error that results in player's sprite turning invisible when obtaining Bosche's best artifact.
  • Corrected Meditation Ring so that only Nobumasa can equip it.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Fixed a mapping error in Vulgate.
  • Fixed a tile passability event in Mystic Mysidia that affected scripted NPCs.
  • Fixed animation of Darius' Requiem ability and changed casting cost to 1.
  • Fixed description of Vahn's Thermal Dive ability to note that it is fire elemental.
  • Increased damage and MP cost of Nobumasa's Raijin ability.
  • Increased HP of the Bomb monster from 120 to 160.
  • Increased HP of the Mom Bomb monster from 325 to 600.
  • Increased Elina's affinity to Focus from C to A. It should be applied every time now.
  • Increased magic stat bonus from Oracle wand.
  • Increased Nobumasa's affinity to Yasuragi from C to A. It should be applied every time now.
  • Increased Oalston's affinity to Focus from C to A. It should be applied every time now.
  • Lowered priority of haste, protect and regen so that Nobumasa's Yasuragi status shows over them.
  • Reduced magic stat of Ooze monster to 1.
  • Removed an invisible test event that called the save menu in a dungeon.
  • Removed HP/MP restoration from Yasuragi so that does nothing in the menu.
  • Removed Water from Remorhaz's list of abilities.


  • Improved maps in the help folder.
  • Removed some unused files from the game's folders.
  • Updated Cave of Surt, made it look nicer.


  • Added a hut to the Cactuar Island so that the island itself is easier to find.
  • Corrected event that didn't properly adjust Bosche's level when recruiting him for the second time.
  • Fixed a mapping error in the Magma Vortex.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to bypass Faluhd Castle via chocobo from the Hillsdale forest.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Mokusatsu and Reppuu from being usable in battle.
  • Fixed issue which caused Jasmine to never be removed from the party during scripted fights.
  • Improved HP growth charts for all characters. They will have more HP at lower levels.
  • Removed access to a needless dead end on the first world map.


  • Added a new and powerful blue magic ability for Ami. An NPC in Visage will hint where to find it.
  • Increased effectiveness of learnable Cure, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water, and Aero spells.
  • Removed bits of dialogue that reference using the Hillsdale Underground Passage as being mandatory.


  • Added a new Rift Shrine section: Rift Crystal Room. Allows fast travel.
  • Added a new Rift Shrine section: Sanctum of Memory. Allows characters to swap unique abilities in and out.
  • Added a new Rift Shrine section: Supply Room. Houses the recruitable vendors.
  • Added a reward for filling the trophy room.
  • Added Adamantoise as a random encounter on world map 3 beach tiles.
  • Added Adamantium Ore as a drop for several monsters on the third world map and/or its dungeons.
  • Added an event that removes Rift Teleporter from the player's inventory later in the game.
  • Added the FF6-styled boss death to all boss battles.
  • Added option to return to world map after defeating the final boss.
  • Changed music for Lucidgrove Abyss and Illusionary Castle.
  • Corrected armor value of Crystal Armor to match description.
  • Created a new sprite for Lord Adder.
  • Decreased Chakra's stat boost from 100 to 70.
  • Decreased volume of the world 3 regular battle theme.
  • Discovered that a Mysterious Artifact was accidentally made unattainable. Added it to a reachable location.
  • Discovered that the Doomtrain Esper was accidentally made unattainable. Added it to a reachable location.
  • Edited description of Yasuragi to better reflect what it does.
  • Fixed a few random typos at various points of the game.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the Illusionary Castle.
  • Fixed issue that could allow Kraken, Lich, Marilith, and Tiamat to not disappear after fighting them.
  • Increased effectiveness of Quake spell from 800 to 1100.
  • Increased HP of final boss from 500,000 to 550,000.
  • Increased HP of random encounters in the last three dungeons.
  • Increased HP of several optional superbosses.
  • Increased level at which Nobumasa learns Yasuragi from 44 to 60.
  • Increased speed stat of all characters.
  • Increased vigor bonus of Sniper bow from 45 to 80.
  • Reduced chance of getting into back attacks and pincer attacks.
  • Removed Rubicant's resistance towards holy elemental attacks (he shouldn't have had it to begin with).
  • Revamped encounters with Cagnazzo, Rubicant, Sekhmet, Valvalis, and Yemaja.
  • Updated Trei Caves. Recoloured caves, remapped a few areas, and added various events.


  • Added a very small optional location to visit east of the auction house (third world map only).
  • Added two more trophies to the Rift Shrine's trophy room.
  • Changed the standard boss theme to the FF4 boss music.
  • Decreased Yemaja'a frequency of using Cura and Regen. She is more likely to attack the party now.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the Everlasting Tangle.
  • Fixed an event error that dealt with an optional boss battle.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions/stats of several items.
  • Removed attack bonus of Yasuragi. It still buffs defense, magic, and speed.
  • Removed some unnecessary events from various parts of the game.


  • Added a side quest to rescue the elder of Mohadmal Village.
  • Added new locations to the third world map: Kokkol's Home, Mohadmal Cave, Tomb of Takka.
  • Added Dr. Lugae's Lab, Mohadmal Cave, Otto's House and Secluded Item Shop to world map 3 image in help folder.
  • Added events to prevent black chocobo from getting stuck in impossible to reach mountain ranges when dismounted.
  • Added more trophies to the trophy room (yes, seriously).
  • Edited the Tranquilizer item so that it removes both berserk and confuse.
  • Fixed an urn in the Village of Trei that could grant infinite gold.
  • Fixed some teleportation issues on the first world map that allowed chocobos to travel to places they should not be able to.
  • Increased level required to use augments to 50.
  • Increased the drop rate of vomammoth skins.


  • Added a new save point to the Illusionary Castle.
  • Added a variable check to super soft event in Illusionary Castle to prevent slim chance of event not running properly.
  • Fixed several of Bosche's abilities which incorrectly targeted the party rather than the enemies.
  • Remade treasure hunting maps to reflect changes to third world map.
  • Removed mini-map from endgame panning of the world map.
  • Removed unused portions of land on the third world map.


  • Added a few short wait commands to the Rift Teleporter's teleportation event to guarantee proper processing.
  • Changed location player is sent to after defeating final boss to prevent player from being stuck on world map.
  • Fixed issue with tranquilizers that stopped them from curing confuse condition.
  • Fixed "Thorns" status condition to allow character action in battle.
  • Increased stats granted by Thornlet helmet.


  • Added a new cutscene that occurs after the player exits Organa for the first time.
  • Added an accessory that grants auto-berserk to a semi-early part of the game.
  • Added two more save points to the first portion of the final dungeon, as well as an additional teleporter event to leave the dungeon without backtracking.
  • Added an NPC in the final dungeon that speaks about ultimate weapons.
  • Added an optional dungeon to the Rift Shrine. Yes, seriously. Opens up late in the game.
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the final dungeon.
  • Fixed some issues relating to the "return to world map" option at the end of the game.
  • Increased power of Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, and Aeraga.
  • Lowered experience curves slightly for all characters.
  • Modified attack pattern of final boss so that players can better anticipate when he'll cast Ultima.
  • Removed an old reference towards a location that never made it into the game.
  • Removed ability for Jasmine to equip the Esper Bangle item.
  • Removed fade to black that occurs in final dungeon.


  • Modified event that grants player the Rift Teleporter. Might remove conflicts people have had with it, maybe not. Let me know.
  • Reduced experience needed to level up for all characters. Everyone should notice a difference regardless of where they are in the game.


  • Added Sandy Point to the third world map. Requires black chocobo to reach.
  • Changed title screen.
  • Corrected phasing issue with Deckar and Eva in Mystic Mysidia.
  • Fixed issue involving BGM failing to change when exiting Trei Vault.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Palumpu Post to be completely bypassed.
  • Greatly reduced HP of Calcabrina.
  • Greatly reduced HP of Dr. Lugae.
  • Included David Patch in the "Help" folder for anyone who wishes to make edits of any kind.
  • Included developer save files in "Help" folder.
  • Included font patch in main download.
  • Increased Vicks' MP pool significantly.
  • Minor changes to the world maps to make certain pathways less annoying to walk.

1.18a (Plus! Patch)Edit

  • Added a brief and small side quest for Ami on the third world map.
  • Added a brief and small side quest for Vera on the third world map.
  • Added a gauntlet section to the arena containing endless battling and hidden super boss encounters.
  • Added an optional dungeon to the third world map, Sunleth Waterscape, simply because a Final Fantasy XIII themed dungeon was requested.
  • Added MP gain/loss pop-ups in battle.
  • Added NPCs and/or treasures to most of the previously empty houses in the early towns.
  • Added play time to main menu.
  • Added two new summons for Vera, Asura and Ixion.
  • Added two new vendors for the Rift Shrine.
  • Corrected array of switches to be disabled upon starting New Game+.
  • Fixed a few typos in the Infinitarium and resolved issue of master treasure chest being open upon arrival.
  • Fixed issue with warp pad in Illusionary Castle that would cause players to get stuck.
  • Fixed transparency issues with treasure hunting maps.
  • Improved palette of sprites for Ami, Elina, Nobumasa, Oalston and Vera.
  • Increased damage of Oalston's Apocalypse spell.
  • Increased speed of which ATB bars function resulting in faster battles.
  • Incorporated previous "HQ Music Pack" into main project folder.
  • Removed bosses from each floor of the Tower of Babil.
  • Removed dev saves from help folder due to DynRPG conflicts.
  • Removed Gaobi (monster who wants bones) from the Water Shrine.
  • Revamped a select few item glyphs.
  • Rewrote a few dialogue sequences and fixed some typos.
  • Transparent dialogue windows (this was accidental, but I've ended up liking them).
  • Updated third world map in help folder to include Nero's House, Sandy Point and Sunleth Waterscape.


  • Corrected attribute of Remora summon to have Vera absorb MP.
  • Corrected Empower ability to actually, well, inflict empower.
  • Corrected HP of Diamond Weapon.
  • Changed Hauteclaire to a one handed weapon and corrected its stat bonus.
  • Fixed a mapping error in Sandy Point.
  • Fixed background picture in the menu so that it looks better when using items/spells on your party.
  • Fixed issue that allowed player to trigger events at the Citadel prematurely.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Orphan's trophy from not showing up. If you've already beaten him on a save, you still won't have the trophy. Sorry.
  • Fixed several issues in the Rift Shrine's augmentation room involving augment abilities for Ami, Nobumasa and Oalston.
  • Fixed text that displays when acquiring Murasame in Mt. Ordeals.
  • Removed a reference to a weapon that no longer exists in Mohadmal Passage.
  • Removed unused building from Mohadmal Village on the third world map.


  • Added a prompt explaining how Ami can learn Blue Magic since it seems several players never learned how.
  • Added a prompt explaining how Bosche's Seek Ring works, how he can learn new abilities, and how he benefits from using bows.
  • Added Germinas Boots to the Underworld town shops in Balmag and Vos.
  • Added Berona Research Facility to the third world map near Northdale. Be sure to save before entering!
  • Addressed Graviton Rod being able to demolish certain bosses and stronger monsters.
  • Changed Ami's Palazzo weapon to inflict Instant Death. Item description falsely indicated that it added Auto-Regen.
  • Changed Berserk Ring to Steady Shoes. Changed properties to prevent Stun.
  • Changed name of Graviton Rod to Shangrilian Rod to distance it from Graviton in the sequel.
  • Edited description of all items that can teach Ami new abilities to reflect the fact that they teach her Blue Magic.
  • Fixed a few more instances of the "Elixer" typo during Lenadia/Lindblum portions of the game.
  • Fixed a few tile passability issues.
  • Fixed a small mapping error on the third world map.
  • Fixed an issue with the bow Forever Rachel. Description said it did something it wasn't capable of.
  • Improved looping of regular boss theme and Final Fantasy IV town theme MP3s.
  • Increased aggressiveness and speed of several bosses from Lenadia chapter to third world map.
  • Increased attack power and hit points of Allosaurus, Behemoth, Hadesgigas, Iron Giant, and Ochu.
  • Increased Dio's hit points during the Underworld battle with him.
  • Increased hit points of various bosses throughout the game.
  • Included Cherry's "Another Fullscreen" application for those experiencing screen flickering. Details on usage are in "anotherfullscreen readme" text file.
  • Stopped a fish from phasing through Cid's ship during Lindblum chapter of the game. Bad fish.


  • Added a boss battle to the final Water Shrine visit that I originally forgot to add. Oops.
  • Added a non-opaque border to the mini-maps.
  • Added Aether Mine to the first world map. It is a small optional cave located where the Forgotten Forest once was.
  • Added items to the pots at various docks.
  • Added moogle assistants to some blacksmith shops to elaborate on how crafting works.
  • Added moogles throughout the world who will sell crafting materials like the one in the Moogle Village.
  • Added more dialogue with Vera when sailing to Cornelia from Costa del Vita.
  • Added more MogNet GPS pads to the first world map in areas where there really weren't any.
  • Added new encounters to the Cave of Surt on the third world map.
  • Assigned a name to the Archareon Leader fought on the Eternal Blue to give the Archareons more of an identity.
  • Assigned a name to the Archareon that Hans mentions towards the end of the game to give the Archareons more of an identity.
  • Changed Malacore's battle sprite to be consistent throughout the entire game.
  • Changed first world map slightly, added more rivers to Lenadia.
  • Changed switch that activates Orphan's trophy so that players who already defeated him should have the trophy.
  • Corrected text that incorrectly says that player receives a Berserk Ring from a chest in the Cave of Surt.
  • Corrected text that incorrectly says that player receives a Practice Spear from a chest in the Water Shrine.
  • Corrected weapon shop in Falgabard Port to sell weapons rather than armor.
  • Fixed a chest in Branch that removes an item from your inventory rather than adding it.
  • Fixed a few lines of incorrect information that Godot spouts upon first encountering him.
  • Fixed a few typos in Visage that are spoken by Godot and NPCs.
  • Fixed issue involving an NPC in Branch Castle appearing when he should not.
  • Fixed issue relating to Hans' sprite going crazy and changing to dead/unconscious characters when the player would walk.
  • Fixed issue that caused a crash in the Forest of Shadows as a result of a removed graphic file.
  • Fixed sprite of a specific character when party visits Water Shrine for the final time.
  • Fixed tile passability issue with pipes in Ivalice sewers.
  • Increased priority of Dark Elf's transformation to guarantee that it happens.
  • Moved Cid's laboratory east to the Great Plain to trim length of Lenadia portion of the game slightly.
  • Removed a reference to moogle villages made by an NPC in Rivera.
  • Removed elemental resistances from Great Hawks and made them weak against air and earth.
  • Removed Mt. Ordeals from the third world map since rewards received from it would be obsolete by that point.
  • Removed NPC with unfinished walk animations from a house in Daguero. Added NPCs and chests to house.
  • Removed the dragoon in Mt. Branch who previously just stood there and said nothing.
  • Removed the Forgotten Forest from the first world map. Put a lake and optional dungeon in place of it.
  • Removed translucency of windows explaining how Ami and Bosche each work when they join the party.
  • Resolved an error with a chest in Albrook Cave to Citadel Sewers.
  • Resolved an error with a chest in Gulgur Volcano.
  • Resolved an error with a chest in Mt. Branch.
  • Resolved an error with a chest in Mt. Ozma.
  • Resolved issue that involved Cid remaining in Cornelia even after acquiring the airship.
  • Reverted to original spell naming system of the old games (Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3).


  • Added a moogle to the Rift Shrine who can remove everyone from your group to speed up party management.
  • Added an NPC named Ciera who can be recruited as a Rift Shrine vendor. Must be rescued from the Ancient Castle.
  • Added dot on the third world's mini map for Berona Research Facility.
  • Adjusted experience growth curves for all party members.
  • Changed dialogue in the intro slightly.
  • Corrected array of switches to be disabled upon starting New Game+.
  • Increased HP of Grand Dragons.
  • Increased Nero's prominence slightly in the early parts of the game.
  • Increased battle speed of monsters via DynRPG plugin settings.
  • Removed blips on the overworld mini-maps of locations that are no longer in the game.
  • Removed experience gains from boss battles.
  • Removed multiple hit properties from almost all weapons.
  • Removed screen flashing effect that occurs in final dungeon.
  • Super special secret thing to commemorate the last non-essential game update. Hint, Citadel.


  • Changed sprite of Magmator in Gulgur Volcano.
  • Made Malacore less resistant to various elements in Gulgur Volcano battle.

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