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Folktale Recollection -FINAL FANTASY- is a fan-created arrangement album featuring music from Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V rearranged in a folk style.

Track listEdit

  1. "プレリュード (FFIV)" - 2:56
    Arrangement of "Prelude" from Final Fantasy IV.
  2. "愛のテーマ (FFIV)" - 3:08
    Arrangement of "Theme of Love" from Final Fantasy IV.
  3. "バトル1~バトル2メドレー (FFIV)" - 4:32
    Medley arrangement of "Battle 1" and "Battle 2" from Final Fantasy IV.
  4. "チョコボ (FFIV)" - 3:49
    Arrangement of "Chococo Chocobo" from Final Fantasy IV.
  5. "メインテーマ (FFV)" - 4:47
    Arrangement of "Main Theme of Final Fantasy V" from Final Fantasy V.
  6. "街のテーマ (FFV)" - 3:48
    Arrangement of "Town Theme" from Final Fantasy V.
  7. "ビッグブリッヂの死闘 (FFV)" - 3:26
    Arrangement of "Battle at the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V.
  8. "親愛なる友へ (FFV)" - 4:28
    Arrangement of "Dear Friends" from Final Fantasy V.
  9. "エンドタイトル (FFV)" - 8:08
    Arrangement of "Ending Theme" from Final Fantasy V.

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