"Forced Encounter" is the seventh episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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Squall arrives at the Lunar Canyon and following Firion's advise to walk within the crack he advances towards Kefka's lair. Along the way he come across Cloud who politely requests him to turn back, but Squall denies and a fight ensues between the two. Squall and Cloud fight an even battle, a fact that the blond comments if the brunette was in SOLDIER. Cloud still asks Squall to leave who replies that he would miss the fun of battle. Cloud then manages to corner Squall within cliff pillars and utilizing his high speed attempts to disorient Squall who manages to break out of the area that limits his battle capabilities. As the battle drags on, Cloud resorts to using Meteorain to finish the battle, but Squall runs away from the impact area of the attack. Still hostile towards each other, Cloud and Squall introduces themselves to one another. When questioned about each other's motives, they both reply that they're looking something. They then charge at each other with Cloud defating Squall. When asked by Cloud why he continues to fight, Squall says that it is because he wants to move forward as there is someone waiting for him. Hearing these words, Cloud allows Squall to enter the Empire as he does not see himself fit to fight another fight as he would likely be defeated. When asked by Squall what is afraid of loosing, Cloud mentions a promise he made, but Squall brushes it off saying that all people make them. Just as Squall is about to leave, Cloud warns him about Sephiroth. Squall is indifferent to this and says that Cloud can take him down. After Squall is gone from his sight, Cloud wonders if he can do that.