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Godot is a playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy and a temporary playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II.

In Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy, Godot helps Vahn after he wakes up after the merger of the worlds and assist him in the struggle against Malacore.

In Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II, Godot remains separate from the rising hostilities with Esperkind and serves as an advisor to Regent Handel of Lindblum.






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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

Between Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy and Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy IIEdit

A year after the defeat of Zeul, Godot ventures to Lindblum where he becomes Regent Gran's closest advisor. With his help, Regent rebuilts the shattered kingdom. Esperkind learns of Godot's deeds in Lindblum and many of them come and lend their support.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy IIEdit



Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
34 1,843 224 99 50 115 120
40 2,323 271 121 59 138 139
50 3,193 354 159 75 177 171
60 4,120 441 200 91 218 206
70 5,082 530 241 108 261 241
80 6,067 621 283 125 304 277
90 7,067 713 326 142 347 314
99 8,025 800 366 158 388 348





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