Guardian is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Orophin.

List of Guardian abilitiesEdit

Ability Cost Level Description Image
Flat Blade 10 MP ? Damages an enemy. Slight chance to inflict Stun.
Riot Blade 17 MP 30 Damages an enemy. Chance to reduce enemy defense.
Spirits Within 24 MP 20 Deals damage based on your current HP.
Savage Blade 33 MP 45 Damages an enemy.
Requiescat 45 MP 55 Delivers a fourfold attack that ignores defense.
Draw Attacks 10 MP 35 Taunt the enemy, greatly increasing enmity.
Defender 15 MP 15 Increases defense and magic defense by 50%. Lowers attack by 50%.
Rampart 15 MP 25 Temporarily boost defense of all allies.
Divine Veil 25 MP 40 Temporarily block physical attacks.
Sentinel 50 MP 50 An ironclad defense, greatly reducing all damage.
Cover None ? Protect an ally, taking hits for them.
Hallowed Ground 250 MP 60 Become completely immune to most damage.
Shield Bash 10 MP ? Stun an enemy with your shield.

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