The Four Guardians of Balance are recurring non-playable characters in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy series. Having supposedly died thousand of years ago, all that is left of the Four Guardians of Balance is their lunar facility known as the Genesis Obelisk, as well as various logs containing their knowledge.

Despite the fact that the extinct Archareon race referred to the four as guardians, the little information revealed to the human race paints the Four Guardians as being more antagonistic than anything else.


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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

Vahn and the company learn about the Four Guardians of Balance from Hans, who reveals that they created the Genesis Obelisk. Capable of bringing about a Blackmoon, a dark spell capable of plunging a world into an eternal eclipse, Malacore flees to the Genesis Obelisk to take advantage of its destructive powers. The Genesis Obelisk is powered by the Crystals of Element but, after Malacore's defeat, the power of the crystals returned to the planet. Without the elements existing in crystal form, the Genesis Obelisk lost its ability to create a Blackmoon.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy IIEdit

The world famous physicist Markim Alunira actively studies unearthed tomes belonging to the Four Guardians of Balance. Determined to possess their knowledge in an effort to understand why the Four Guardians constructed a massive structure capable of plunging the planet into the literal dark ages, Markim toils away endlessly in the Berona Republic Research Facility in an attempt to make sense of the many mysteries surrounding the Four Guardians of Balance.