"Haunting Angel" is the tenth episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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After Zidane and Terra escape from Kefka's laboratory, Squall reveals himself to Sephiroth. Sephiroth says that he knows that Squall is hiding the girl and demands from him to tell him where to find her. Squall says that she is far from there by now and Sephiroth recognizes him as the one who fought Cloud at the Lunar Canyon. Squall is surprised that the man knows so much about Cloud and Sephiroth replies that he knows what his puppet knows and Squall concludes he is the man that Cloud spoke of. Sephiroth says that he only appears because Cloud wishes it so because Sephiroth can take away everything the blonde holds dear, resulting in freeing him, yet Squall doesn't understand this logic. Sephiroth then demostrates his power by conjuring a black sphere of tremendous power in his hand, startling Squall. Squall then charges at Sephiroth and attempts to strike him, only for his gunblade to blocked by his attacker's blade. Seeing himself unable to beat Sephiroth, Squall starts running around the laboratory, hoping to buy some time for Zidane and Terra. After some time, Squall decides to continue his assault on Sephiroth, but the other man easily overpowers him. As the battle drags on, Sephiroth decides to kill Squall and telling Cloud about the brunette's valiant fight against him. He attempts to finish the gunblade wielder with Supernova. Sephiroth then says he is sorry for him and Cloud because they are weak, but Squall retaliates saying that Sephiroth is weak as he feeds on others' despair. Squall then enters EX Mode and charges at Sephiroth, assaulting him with a series of various attacks anf finishes him off with Lion Heart. Squall then says to Sephiroth that he should accept that he is just a memory, but he resolves to never become one. Sephiroth commends Squall's strength and the depth of his pride as he has made decisions unlike Cloud. He then asks Squall to tell Cloud that he is waiting for him and he teleports away. As Squall leaves, he says that Sephiroth should tell him that himself.


  • The title card incorrectly states that it is the fifteenth episode of season 1.