Izlude Raithwall is a playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II. His name rouses fear in those knowing the history and due to that he is feared by many people.



Izlude has spiky, cyan hair and black eyes, although he is blind on the left eye as it's scarred from unknown means. He dons a blue armor with red and purple ornaments, silver armlets and grey cloak.


Not much is known about his personality aside of that he inherited power and ambition after his grandfather.


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Early LifeEdit

Izlude is the grandson of Zeul Raithwall, the general who over a hundred years before the game's events, decided to destroy the world.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy IIEdit

When the Augurers come from Auslen to Mystic Mysidia, then happen upon cyan-haired man talking with a white mage about Esper Rudra's appearance. When the man asks the mage about the directions of where the Esper had gone, he reveals him that it possibly went to Auslen where Keren Farabrandt lives. He then decides to pay her a visit as he believes that she doesn't have a need to communicate with them and wants to dissuade her from her intentions. When the white mage asks the man about his name, he reveals it is Izlude Raithwall shocking the mage. Afterwards he leaves the town.

During the burial ceremony of Keren Farabrandt after she was attacked by Fenrir, Ramuh manifests threatening all gathered to kill them, but Izlude appears. During brief word confrontation with Reiner Ardell who also wishes to end Ramuh's life, he knocks the Augurer with a spell and commands the gathered to go. When Izlude and Ramuh are alone, the Esper tries to strike the man down with magic but wiithout success. The man then reveals his identity as Lord Zeul's grandson as a source of his heightened skills. He strikes the Esper with his battleaxe warning him that the next time they'll meet he won't spare the Esper's life. After that he leaves Ramuh.

Creation and developmentEdit

Izlude's hair is a recolor of Crono's hair, the main protagonist of Chrono Trigger, another SNES game developed by Square Enix, at the time of creation known as Squaresoft.


Raithwall is a Dynast King from Final Fantasy XII, a historical figure who was recognized by gods and through their gift known as Treaty Blade, he cut three Nethicite shards and used them to unite Ivalice kingdoms into Galtean Alliance.