Jihl Nabaat, also known as Ingrid Vali, is an antagonist in Once Upon a Time Beyond the Void. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fourth episode, "The Stage is Set".

Nabaat is directly taken from Lightning Saga.


Nabaat is a cold and calculating sadist which she hides under the mask of kindness. She sees herself as a superior person and doesn't take disloyalty lightly as seen with her interactions with Frigge who appears to follow her unquestionably. Nabaat also appears to have a dispute with fal'Cie and their tools, most likely because, much to her surprise, she was killed by Barthandelus, who was acting under the guise of Galenth Dysley who was her superior, in Final Fantasy XIII.


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Before the first curseEdit

Through unknown means Nabaat acquires an oracle drive which she theorizes to be brought by an anomaly. ("The Stage is Set")

Nabaat meets with Frigge at a café where she requests from her to be called "Ingrid Vali" in public places. She asks about Frigge's learnings about Claire, Serah, and Snow and the woman talks about the trio's jobs. The blonde then handles the oracle drive to her requesting to "present" it to the "savior's sister" without being a suspect. Nabaat is certain that the stored recording will shake Serah's faith and easen her and Frigge's plot execution. The rest of the afternoon in the café the two spent on dining and further planning. The next day Nabaat meets with Lumina to whom she tries to introduce herself with her fake name but the girl sees through her facade, surprising the colonel. The girl gives the woman the coffer of souls who is initially startled by the girl's straightforwardness with the object. Lumina then asks Nabaat if she is certain she wants to put Sazh through suffering and recalls the events from Nova Chrysalia where Sazh was desperately looking for soul fragments for the coffer. The woman deflects the question by saying that her plan is of no concern to her. Lumina the disappears leaving Nabaat alone who thinks aloud about Operation Renascence and claims that "there will be no more interference from fal'Cie and their tools". ("The Stage is Set")

At an unspecified point after her encounter with Lumina, Nabaat arrives to Katzroy House claiming that she wants to make amendments with Sazh, much to his dismay. Despite first bad welcome, Sazh invites the woman on the porch and arrives shortly after with lemonade. Nabaat thanks the man for his hospitality who scoffs her saying that being a Pulse l'Cie hasn't made him a monster. When he asks her about her way of repaying for her past deeds, Nabaat reveals the coffer and swiftly uses it to acquire Sazh's soul, also locking away his memory of her meeting him in the new world. After this, she sips some lemonade and proceeds to the nearby village where Dajh is currently at school to also acquire his soul. ("The Stage is Set")