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This article list all weapons in Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance.

Knight SwordsEdit

Only Karina can use knight swords in battle.

Knight Sword Price Description Traits
Longsword 500 gil A basic Knight sword, used for slashing. Attack +18
Drop: Minotaurus


Karina can use swords in battle.

Sword Price Description Traits
Broadsword 200 gil A basic sword. Attack +9
Iron Sword 500 gil A sword forged from tempered iron. Attack +22
Shop: Palomton
Mythril Sword 1,000 gil A sword forged from mythril alloy. Attack +35
Shop: Cecille


Only Elysia can use bows in battle.

Bow Price Description Traits
Hunting Bow 200 gil A nondescript bow, used for bringing down game. Attack +5, Ignore Rows
Event: Given by the masked man in Rosalia.
Shop: Rosalia
Power Bow 500 gil A bow designed for powerful shots. Attack +13, Ignore Rows
Shop: Palomton
Great Bow 1,00 gil A large, powerful bow. Attack +35, Ignore Rows
Shop: Cecille

Great AxesEdit

Only Ashiee can use great axes in battle.

Bow Price Description Traits
Butterfly Axe gil A basic great axe. Attack +11
Initial Equipment: Ashiee.
Inferno Axe 500 gil Deals fire elemental damage. Attack +26, Firestrike
Shop: Palomton
Neckchopper 1,000 gil An axe used for executions. Attack +41
Shop: Cecille


Knight Sword Price Description Traits
Main Gauche 1,000 gil A dagger used for parrying.
Shop: Cecille


Knight Sword Price Description Traits
Kogarusu 1,000 gil A katana of fearsome sharpness.
Shop: Cecille
Kunai 200 gil A basic katana.
Shop: Cecille
Kodachi 500 gil A well-forged katana.
Shop: Cecille


Cassie can use staves in battle.

Sword Price Description Traits
Staff 200 gil A basic staff. Spirit +1, Attack +6, Mag.Def +1
Initial Equipment: Cassie
Power Staff 1,000 gil A more offensive staff. Spirit +2, Attack +27, Mag.Def +1
Shop: Cecille

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