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This article is currently under restruction.
This article is currently planned to be restructured. The restruction process will contain the following:
  • Make enemies' list like on Final Fantasy Wiki by categorising regular enemies by alphabetical order, and distinguishing bosses and optional bosses in their own subsections (example: link).
    • Note: Link to each monster page separately, and while doing this, it is asked to put tag "(Blackmoon Prophecy)" (without quotation marks) after most enemies, as other fangames may have enemies with same names.
      • If the link is incorrect, or possesses a wrong tag, it will be moved, and the link will be corrected on the Wiki.

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy Enemies/Temp

Please use the link provided above to access the list of enemies.

This page lists all enemies that appear in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy.

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Bosses - Superbosses








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