This articles lists all planned changes for Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy Redux.

Planned ChangesEdit

  • Ability for players to rename party members.
  • Bestiary accessible on the main menu.
  • Changing soundtrack to be comprised of official/unofficial remixes.
  • Correcting issues with New Game+.
  • Fixing of any lingering bugs and issues.
  • Glossary accessible on the main menu.
  • Implementation of system to help players find suitable optional content late game.
  • Improving the inventory, organizing it to remove all clutter.
  • Improving palette of sprites and tiles.
  • Possible Jump command for Vahn.
  • Increasing number of animations per character.
  • Lots of new blue magic abilities to make Ami.
  • New battle system .
  • Possibly new character portraits.
  • New very hard optional dungeon that will be available after defeating final boss.
  • New intro sequence depicting different events.
  • Several new summons for Vera.
  • Rebalancing of various pieces of equipment.
  • Rebalancing of various enemy/player skills.
  • Reintroduction of character specific weapon types.
  • Removal of "Focus" on Elina and Oalston, increased MP pools.
  • Revamping Aurabolt minigame to be an offshoot of Triple Triad.
  • Revamping Darius and Nobumasa to feel more immediately useful upon joining.
  • Revamping equip screen to allow two relics to be worn at once, relics will be rebalanced as well.
  • Revamping towns so that there are no empty houses.
  • Possible support for five characters in battle.

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