"Lost Time" is the first episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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As Squall fights Ultimecia in the Chaos Shrine set during the final battle of Final Fantasy VIII, the witch overpowers him and defeats him in combat, sending him into her castle. Down below, a boy with a monkey tail appears and takes him for Garland, intending to fight him, but the man says he "got the wrong guy". Squall reveals to him that he fought just moments ago, but is confused on how he got to their current location. Zidane is bewildered hearing this, saying that the thing Squall fought was really strong if they got him to a different place. He then asks if Garland was his opponent, and when Squall denies that Zidane concludes that the man fought a girl he cheated on and rambles about his girl troubles. Zidane asks Squall about his opponent's name who says he fought Ultimecia. The monkey-tailed boy reveals that the sorceress has been messing things up for three years now, surprising Squall. Squall concludes that his appearance is the result of Ultimecia's use of time compression. The man is saddened is by his inability to defeat the sorceress, but Zidane cheers him up saying to not give up as he and his group continue to resist her despite their frequent defeats. Zidane offers to take Squall to the resistance group saying that the others will be happy to see someone who actually fought Ultimecia and the man wonders if they are SeeD, but that only confuses the boy. A strange phenomenon strikes the castle and shortly after it dissipates Squall disappears with it. Zidane resolves to find the missing man, but Garland appears and the two prepare to fight.