"Of Lions and Monkeys" is the second episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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Garland attacks Zidane and a heated battle begins. The mysterious phenomenon teleports Squall to the Rift who explores the area and wonders why is he constantly the one to be teleported from place to place. Back in Ultimecia's castle, Zidane and Garland continue to fight. In the Rift, Squall continues to run around the place and comes across Ex-Death who attacks the man. While Squall has difficulties fighting his opponent in small spaces, he attempts to fight him when some elements of the area dissapear, but he has difficulties in landing a blow due to Ex-Death's quick teleportation around him. He finds an opening in that when his opponents makes a move he doesn't react much to incoming attacks. As Zidane fights Garland in Ultimecia's castle, the stalwart man grows irritated by his opponent and enters EX Mode, attacking his enemy whom he seemingly defeats. Back in the Rift, Squall drops his guard as Ex-Death appears to stop to track and attack him, but the young man's opponent takes him by surprise and conjures a black rift upon him. In Ultimecia's castle, Zidane prevails and continues to fight Garland. In the Rift, Squall finally bests Ex-Death in battle who concludes that his defeat is "the will of the void". He says that as long as elements exist he will always return because all begins and ends with the void. Just as Squall demands him to tell him how he can return to his own time, Ex-Death bursts in darkness and disappears. Back in Ultimecia's castle, the battle concludes and Garland dissapears in front of Zidane saying that they should "play some other time". The monkey-tailed boy is surprised by Garland's view of their battle and remembers that Squall needs his help and runs off to find him. Back in the Rift, Squall wonders if he will be able to return to his own time.


  • Exdeath is credited as "Ex-Death". However in the closing credits for season 1 at the end of the episode "Timing" his name is written as "Exdeath".