"Of the Meager" is the twelfth episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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At the Planet's Core, Firion learns from Aerith that the sorceress is able to revive Sephiroth because of Cloud. She also states that Mist's willpower also reacts to memories and only sorceress's henchmen can summon Mist from what she knows. Firion theorizes that might be the key to stopping the time compression and Aerith says that Bugenhagen there is more to it. Asked by Firion what else is to it, Aerith says it is sorceress, espers, and Crystals. The woman also states the Firion reminds her of Cloud.

Meanwhile, Sephiroth and Cloud fight at the Lunar Canyon, with the former one having the upper hand. Sephiroth tells Cloud that he allows him to live because he wants him to drown in his sorrow and in the end beg Sephiroth to end his despair. Just as Cloud is to strike Sephiroth, he disappears and asks him to come to him when he has enough despair so he can finish him off. The image of Cloud of Darkness then appears and they think out loud how Cloud is blind to what he wants to achieve. They are soon followed by the appearance of Ex-Death's image and says that the Crystals have scatted and he have found the secluded one, the last bit sparking Cloud of Darkness's interest. He says that he has already sent mimics after the boy who holds it. The two plan to use Cloud for their own schemes, granting him power to help him best Sephiroth at a price. Then their images disappear.

At the Rift town, Bartz feels bored without Zidane and the others' presence. He also wonders where Firion went. As he sets to explore the town, he comes across Firion's axe and starts to practise Firion's axe move. Suddenly Firion appears, startling Bartz. Embarassed to be caught copying his move, he quickly runs off.

Kefka skips across the Pandaemonium, overlooked by Jecht. Kefka then enters the Emperor's throne room, soon followed by Golbez, and Jecht wonders about the topic of their conversation. Gabranth warns him it is rude to pry, but informs him that they are talking about Mist.

At the Edge of Madness, the Emperor is rewatching Cloud and Sephiroth's duel in a portal commenting that Cloud's potential has grown, he is yet to impress him, failing him. Then the image switches to Squall defeating Sephiroth and the Emperor comments how he manages to impress him. He then promises Ultimecia that the world will progress with him as its master.