Orilon, the Esper of Nightmares is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II. He is a mysterious creature under the command of the Esper Ramuh.



Orilon is a skeleton in appearance, although he is distinctively more build than one. He has a large bone at each of his shoulders and a small one at each of his arms. He has red eyes and bracers and wears grey clothes.


He appears to be friends with Ramuh.


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Orilon appears before Zephyr Highwind after he and his friends secure the Nethicite Shard in Citadel Ruins calling himself "Orilon, the Esper of Nightmares". He informs him that the Espers won't disturb them during their search for the Shards as outcome will be all the same regardless of who will collect them. However, Orilon warns him that if the group will intefere with Espers' attacks in northern Lenadia they will retaliate. Zephyr then proclaims that as Augurers they will fight them. Soon after, Orilon leaves.

After securing the Nethicite Shard of Ivalice in the Lindblum Castle, when Zephyr inquires Godot about Orilon, he says that Orilon can't be an Esper since there was none named like in the Esper World and comes to a conclusion that he originates from the original Gaia. The gathered are wondering what a creature lying that he is an Esper would gain from such thing but come to no conclusion.