The Research Facility is the first explorable location from Final Fantasy Discovery. It is here where Palamecia keeps the Crystal it excavated some time prior to the beginning of the game.


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Squall asking Cid about his plans.

After Pulse, Locke, Cloud, and Squall take on the assignment in Narshe, they arrive at the Researh Facility where they are to confirm whereabouts of the crystal Palamecia unearthed some time ago.


A Guardian Drone attacks Cid.

While venturing into the Facility, the mercenaries come across a Guardian Drone, but quickly dispatches it before it can transmit information about the intruders. Further into the corridors, Cid mistaken the way deeper into the Facility which upsets Cloud. When another Guardian Drone attacks them, Cloud unleashes his Limit Break, Braver, on the machine and warns Cid that next time he will use the Limit Break on him if he keeps losing his way in the building.


A guard talking about Crystal's power.

When further exploring the Facility, the group manages to overhear a conversation between two Palamecian guards who reveal that the Crystal started to be active and in the result it burn nine people who were too close to it one day and since then the access to the Crystal was limited. As their shift is nearing, the guards discover the group, raise an alarm, and attack them, but are quickly dispatched.


  • Research Facility: B1
  • Research Facility: B2
  • Research Facility: B3
    • B3: Save Point
  • Research Facility: B4
  • Research Facility: B5
  • Crystal Corridor
  • Crystal Chamber
  • Airship Hangar





Enemy FormationsEdit




  • Ensign, 2nd Class, 3rd Class
  • Sentry Gun
  • Ensign ×3
  • Hall Sweeper, Sentry Gun



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