"Revisited" is the fifth episode of season 2 of Final Fantasy Still. It is the twentieth episode of the series overall.


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In a flashback set at the Empyreal Paradox, the Warrior of Light confronts Garland's about his betrayal. The stalwart knight comments on Warrior's contempt is not suiting the "Light" he represents, yet the man brushes it off stating that Garland's deeds are worse than Warrior's feelings at the moment. Garland wonders if his goddess would aprove of his elitism and challenges the Warrior of Light. The two clash and the Warrior of Light emerges victorious. The flashback continues to Order's Sanctuary where Cosmos asks the Warrior of Light for forgiveness and says she wants to be with him.

Warrior then abruptly wakes up at the Dream's End and wonders if something going to happen, considering the rising frquency of his dreams. Tidus then shows up stating that they are ready to go and noticing something off about Warrior asks him if he was spacing out, but the knight brushes it off saying he was just contemplating. Tidus then says he will wake "Shorty" now and Warrior comments on his kindness, but the blonde clarifies that it is just an excuse to knock the boy on his head. Warrior sighs hearing this and Tidus explains that such behavior is part of his personality and he goes to wake up the Onion Knight. The Warrior of Light wonders what it means to have personality and what he now is feeling at the moment.

At the Edge of Madness, the Emperor summons Gabranth to his side and sends him off to attack the Rift town. Gabranth then arrive at Pandaemonium informing them of the operation and that none may survive except one and Beatrix states that Terra Branford is to be taken with them.

At the same time, Squall follows the presumed Guardian Force's voice to plains. He calls it out a few times, but unable to get a response he grumbles about he was dragged to the middle of nowhere. He then notices a soldier next to a knocked out boy and wondering how he finds himself in such situations he attacks the soldier whom he quickly disposes. The boy then wakes up and wonders what happened and Squall retorts with the same question. The boy says he is not sure, disapponting Squall, but then the boy remembers and recalls looking for a friend and as he starts to rumble, the SeeD stops him. The boy thanks Squall who asks him if he can handle himself as he intends to continue alone, but hearing doubt in boy's voice he decides to take him with him. Just as they are to go the boy introduces himself as "Vivi" and Squall shares his name with him. The voice then suddenly speaks and seeing its owner's plan through, Squall asks the boy to wait for him as he is about to set out for the Guardian Force.

At the Crystal World, Lightning is getting impatient and Edea cautions her, but the gunblade wielder reasons the urgency with an impending enemy attack. Laguna tries to calm Lightning as does Edea who says that even though it may be "her" first time she is aware of what she is doing. Impatient Lightning then decides that she will wait ten minutes, otherwise she will go get "her" herself, but then "she", Yuna, appears, and Laguna comments that they can put away the watch now. Yuna tells the group about her success of acquiring an Esper and Lightning says that it took her a lot of time with Laguna making light of her comment. Lightning says that while they are her Guardians that ensure her safety, Yuna cannot have the luxury of time as enemies are following them, and the Guardian continues to the next area. Edea tells Yuna that Lightning cares for her, while Laguna comments that he cannot keep up with the "Loner" type to which the matron replies that if he had payed better attention to his own relations he would be able to handle that type better. Edea than advices Yuna to not follow Laguna's example and when she leaves the young summoner ensures "Uncle Laguna" that she knows that Edea is joking about him. Just as she is to follow her Guardians, Yuna reminisces about her father and his Guardians, hoping to make them proud.

At the same time, Squall arrives at the Fire Cavern where he meets Ifrit who challenges the SeeD to duel. Ifrit comments on Squall's pathetic looks, but the SeeD makes light of it and defeats the Guardian Force. Ifrit warns him that even though they have parted, he has made his place in Squall's memories. Squall then asks him what does he know, considering Ifrit's willingness to cooperate as commensalism. The Guardian Force states that Ultimecia has caused Espers a lot of problems prompting them to actions, and Squall notices that Ifrit acts independently from his kin. Ifrit comments on Squall's straightforwardness who says that as long his cooperation with him will take him to Ultimecia he will follow. He also states that he is aware that the Guardian Force will slowly eat away his memories and proclaims he will not forget anything, saying that if there will be a need for it, he will defeat Ifrit again and again. The two join forces with Squall promising the victory as long as they work together. Ifrit also says that there may be others Espers who had defected with the others awaiting the "Summoner". Squall then leaves the Cavern with Ifrit.

At the Dream's End, the Warrior of Light, Tidus, and the Onion Knight are to leave the place, but the blonde is shocked to learn that a compression pool is located just above lava. Feeling challenged by Tidus, the Onion Knight jump into the compression pool to prove him that it is safe and he disappears. Warrior then encourages Tidus to go ahead intending to follow him after sealing the place first. He states his concern about letting know Tidus and the Onion Knight about his visions as they are either a premonition or an omen of what it is to come. Despite not wanting to take part in the events in the outside world, the Warrior of Light is aware that at some point he will be forced to partake in them.