Rosalia is a town from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance. It is the first named location in Vanadaelyn that Karina and Elysia visit.


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Karina and Elysia wake up in a room, wondering where they are and commenting about "obnoxiously overpowered monsters outside the starting town where a thing of the past." Shortly after a girl enters her room and tells the women they are in Rosalia and and that she and her father found them outside the town. She introduces herself as "Jolteon." After the girl leaves the room Karina muses about her old friend as she resembles Jolteon. Then Elysia notices that they've been robbed while they were unconscious and question the girl about it. She says that they've been found like that and says that her father haven't returned from the Western Forest where he was gathering herbs and speaks of a discovery of a Bot in Palomton which resulted in the raise of herb prices. While the women are eager to search for her father, Jolteon dismisses the idea and asks them to return a book to Professor Daravon at the Academy in the town's outskirts to which the adventurers agree.

After returning the book, the women set out to return to Jolteon, but a mysterious masked man appears before them. He gives the women few weapons and unlocks Karina's powers of a Holy Knight. After inquired by Karina about Holy Knights, the masked man says that as opposed to Paladins who use the power of light to protect, Holy Knights use the power of light for offense. Further questions from Karina about man's nature causes the man to leave them with no answers. Elysia however is unmoved by the mysteriousness of the man and merely is happy about free stuff.

When they return to Jolteon, they inquire her about the mysterious man, but she says she doesn't know him. When Karina reveals that the man granted her the powers of a Holy Knight, the girl is amazed. When Jolteon asks the women about them Karina tells her about the Battle of Carteneau she mentions the word Linkshell confusing the girl. Elysia compares them to a group of friends and says that they want to unite with their friends and return home. After being asked about her father, Jolteon says that he hasn't returned yet and the women set out to find him.


Equipment ShopEdit

Item Price
Broadsword 200 gil
Hunting Bow 200 gil
Iron Arrows 100 gil
Leather Armor 100 gil
Bronze Armor 100 gil
Leather Cap 50 gil
Bronze Helm 50 gil

Item ShopEdit

Item Price
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Antidote 30 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Eye Drops 30 gil


The inn here charges 10 gil.


Item Location
Power Plus House in the lower right corner, second floor – tall drawer
Potion Item Shop – the closed chest in the storeroom
Potion House south of the temple, basement – middle barrel in the top row
Antidote House south of the temple, basement – the closed chest between a drawer and three barrels
Clothes House south of the temple, second floor – the wardrobe in top left hand corner

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