Seiken is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Karina.

List of Seiken abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description
Fast Blade 5 MP Initial Hits an enemy twice.
Stasis Sword 8 MP 5 Damages an enemy. Slight chance of inflicting Stop.
Cleansing Strike 12 MP 10 Damages an enemy. Chance of inflicting Sleep. Soul Blade: Removes enemy buffs.
Northswain Strike 17 MP 20 Damages an enemy. Slight chance of stun. Soul Blade: Poisons the target.
Hallowed Bolt 24 MP 29 Damages an enemy. Chance of inflicting Silence. Soul Blade: Target takes more damage for a time.
Heaven's Gate 35 MP 44 Makes 2-4 Holy-based strikes.
Divine Ruination 50 MP 58 Ultimate Seiken technique. Chance to inflict confusion. Soul Blade: Target's attacks are weakened.
Stock Break 10 MP 13 Damages all enemies.
Climhazzard 20 MP 23 Deals nonelemental damage to all enemies based on the amount of damage they have taken.
Radiant Blast 30 MP 34 Damages all enemies based on Spirit. Chance to inflict Flash.
Shock 45 MP 54 Massive damage to all enemies. Slight chance to inflict Paralyze.
Celestial Void 30 MP 39 Attempts to inflict numerous ailments Inflicts Blind, Slow, Sleep, Confuse, Silence.
Finishing Touch 30 MP 49 Attempts to finish off all enemies. Chance to inflict Death, Petrify, Stop.
Soul Blade 20 MP 15 Adds Soul Blade status effects to skills. Increases skill power.
Wish 15 MP 8 Before version 1.35: Sacrifice 25% HP to heal one ally for 50%. (Cost: 15 MP and 25% HP)
Version 1.35 onwards: Heals an ally for HP equal to the caster's.


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