"Haunting Angel" is the ninth episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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After Zidane destroys the container that housed Terra, she goes berserk and enters Trance, turning into an esper, and attacking her rescuer. At first Zidane tries his best to avoid the girl's powerful magic attacks, but as the time passes he decides to take her on, hoping to quell her. He attempts to fight her, but she overpowers him and he decides to return to running. Terra still asaults him with her magic while Zidane tries an occasional attack, but to no effect as for some reason he is unable to enter Trance. Just as Terra is strike Zidane she has a revelation regarding her parents and her Trance fades away. She then proceeds to feverishly apologize for her behavior, but Zidane brushes it off. As Terra torments herself about her esper powers, Zidane attempts to console her. He offers her help in the name of the resistance and when asked by Terra why he would help her, he simply asks why there would be any reason to do so. They exchange their names and leave Kefka's laboratory.

At the Lunar Canyon, Cloud still feels worn out after the battle with Squall. Suddenly he has flashes of Sephiroth who appears to be located within the Planet's Core.

Cloud has a recollection of his final battle against Sephiroth at the Planet's Core. He charges at Sephiroth, defeating him with Omnislash. In his final words, Sephiroth says that will always be "here".

Back to reality, Cloud continues his search of Sephiroth.

In Kefka's laboratory, Zidane is mad at himself as he can't find his way out, considering he got there in the first place. His antiques lift Terra's bad mood and she laugh. Squall then arrives and when asked by Zidane what is he doing there, he is relieved to hear that he came for him. Squall says that Firion asked him to "pick up a monkey". Zidane then introduces Terra and Squall to each other and concludes that the man is the intruder that their enemies are talking about. Hearing footsteps, they hide from view. The intruder is revealed to be Sephiroth. The group then notices that the air grows strangely heavy and has a feeling of despair to it. Squall orders Zidane to take Terra to safety, while he tries to buy them some time. Terra thanks him for the help and asks not to die, to which the man replies that it is not in the mission's objectives.