Snow Villiers is a character in Once Upon a Time Beyond the Void. He débuts in the first episode, "Unseen Intruders".

Snow is directly taken from Lightning Saga.


Since the arrival at the new world Snow has matured a bit as he suggests to talk with his friends when a problem arises instead of just rushing it, damn the consequences.


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Before the First CurseEdit

When Serah, Claire, and Snow return from work to their home, Serah enters her and Snow's bedroom and discovers an oracle drive on her nightstand much to her surprise. She quickly calls over her sister and fiancée who are also left aghast by it. The three theorize its origins and talk about Bhunivelze and his uncertain doom. Then Serah suggests watching the recording, a thought not well received by Snow, yet Claire is more welcoming to this thought. Then they decide to watch the stored vision which shows an image of Serah and Claire turning into crystal, Chaos emerging from them and covering the world. The recording continues as it shows a blonde woman with strings attached to her and Bhunivelze holding the cords in his hand. Then the vision ends with the woman performing powerful magic which engulfs the recording in bright light, ending it. The three discuss the contents of the vision and Claire says that Bhunivelze's only wish is to become humanity's soul and in extension its master. As Serah wonders what to do now, Snow suggests telling about the oracle drive during the reunion party, but Claire dismisses his thoughts, much to her sister's shock, and suggests telling their friends about it at a later date. ("The Stage is Set")

While eating a supper with Serah and Claire, Snow falls asleep and is carried be the two to his and Serah's bedroom. The next morning when Serah wakes shaken Claire, she tells her to "come down for the breakfast or Snow will eat everything". After the breakfast Snow leaves for work. ("Unseen Intruders")



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