The story of Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy takes place on the planet Gaia a year after the Crystal War. It follows the dragoon Vahn Vainstrong who becomes embroiled in a quest to save the world from forces beyond his comprehension.


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A Rebellious DragoonEdit

Braak, an Ivalician general, is caught spying around Branch Castle and put to a prison cell, tries to persuade Vahn to release him from his cell, Darius appears threatening the general with death sentence. Upon hearing his words, Vahn and Hans ask Darius to behave or they will report his behavior to Lord Adder. Few moments later, they catch Darius speaking with Lord Adder and telling him that he and Hans are plotting with Braak against him, but Adder doesn't believe his words and strips him of his rights. When Vahn comes to Darius, he warns him that if he catches him misbehaving, he will report it to Lord Adder, but Darius envious of Vahn's prestige attacks him. Later, Lord Adder sends Vahn and Hans to the Water Shrine to check the state of Water Crystal as it appears its powers are weakening and monsters are drawn to it. In the Shrine, they encounter a mysterious being called "Archareon" which informs them of Crystal's emotions and its feeling of pain. When asked why it feels pain, it responds that it's humans' fault and a "man in black armor" drained its powers and attacks Vahn. After the battle, Darius teleports in, much to Vahn's surprise, and says that he drained some magic from the Water Crystal with a help of his "new friend", gaining access to black magic, and taunts Vahn requesting him to head back to the Branch Castle. After returning to the Castle, Vahn is a witness to Darius's threats towards Lord Adder and fights Darius who teleports out of the throne room after the battle. Then Lord Adder proses proposes to "fight the fire with fire", and requests Vahn and Hans to go to Village of Trei and ask Oalston for help as Oalston is one of few people studying black magic who haven't been driven mad.

At Trei, Vahn learns about Oalston's illness and the cure for it which are dragon scales. Along with Hans, Vahn go to the Cave of Surt in hopes of finding some scales in order to prepare the cure. They come across Surt, a last dragon in Branch, who sees his visitors a threat and attacks them. After getting the Ancient Scale, they head back to Trei and present it to Dr. Cunnings who is looking after Oalston. Before being able to speak why they helped them, a guard suddenly arrives and informs them that Maria ventured into the town's caves. Upon hearing this, Oalston pulls himself up form the bed and decides to join Vahn and Hans in their search for Maria, much to doctor's opposition. In the caves, the three find Maria attacked by a monster which Oalston's disposes with magic. After the party returns to Oalston's house, the doctor injects the cure into him. Then Oalston asks Vahn why he helped him and the dragoon explains the situation. The black mage suggests a process called "purification" which would remove black magic from Darius's body without need of killing him, but the process would require a skilled white mage if it was to be performed. Hans suggests heading back to Branch Castle and ask Lord Adder if he could lend them Eternal Blue to speed up the process of finding a white mage. Back at the Castle, Lord Adder informs them the Eternal Blue is currently in Lenadia and can't be used. He requests Hans to stay and Vahn to ask Wedge, who is stationed in the Water Shrine, to join him and Oalston in their quest for a white mage. Then they travel through Trei Catacombs up to Ivalice Checkpoint where Vahn and Wedge take on the civilian attire to not raise suspicion of Ivalician soldiers.

While traveling through Cave to Mysidia, Vahn encounters Dio, a man hired by Darius to kill the dragoon. Vahn's party defeats the aggressor who flees after the battle. When the group arrives at Mystic Mysidia, they are witnesses to interrogation led by the Four Swords of Ivalice connected to a recent attack on the Citadel. After Deckar and Eva turn against Vera Farabrandt due to her methods, Vahn and his group protect her from aggression of her former allies. After the battle, Deckar and Eva leaves, and the Elder explains them the situation: a man clad in black armor wielding magic attacked the Citadel earlier that day and Vahn concludes that it must be Darius and they came to the town to seek a white mage who could remove the black magic from the corrupted dragoon. After discussing where the party could find Darius, Vahn theorizes that he may be after Crystals, and Elina notices the disappearance of Mysidian Flame, a symbol of Fire Crystal's well-being. The party decides to investigate the matter by going to Mount Gulgur where the Crystal resides. After passing through Mount Mysidia, Elina informs the party they will go through the abandoned town of Niflheim which lies beneath the volcano. Arriving at the Crystal Chamber in Mount Gulgur, the party meets Malacore, who reveals to them that he was constructed by King Branch during the Crystal War to be used as a last resort to control the Crystals' elements. He further states that he used Darius's weak spirit to influence him in gathering Crystal power so his seal connected with the Crystal of Water woulf shatter releasing him. He then states that he wishes to rule the world and Malacore engages the party, but looses, however he still stands and casts Firaga on the Crystal of Fire, releasing Rubicant, the Fiend of Fire, in the process. Rubicant is outraged by Malacore's actions and noticing Vahn and his group asks them if they are responsible for the attack on the Crystal. Malacore says that humans are the reason for the world's downfall and asks the Fiend of Fire to lend his power to his "cause". Rubicant agrees and fights Vahn and his party, defeating them with ease. Rubicant then lends his power to Malacore and is seemingly absorbed into him. Vahn decides to return to Branch to report to Lord Adder. At the exit of Mount Gulgur the party meets the Elder of Mysidia who informs them that the Mysidian Flame has extinguished itself and Vahn asks him for the quickest route back to Branch. The Elder informs them of Gozmodan's Grotto in the Arena that the owner will allow them to use and invites the party to rest for a night at Mysidia. During their rest, Vahn wanders outside thinking about Malacore and Vera soon joins him asking for a talk. She says that if she will be branded a traitor then she will have no place in Ivalice and asks him to join him, also wishing to know more about the situation, and Vahn agrees. Vera wonders if she will feel a home in Branch and asks Vahn to help her, to which he also agrees. The two then return to inn and rest.

A Kingdom of IsolationEdit

The next day, Vahn and his party arrives at the Arena and asks its owner for passage into Gozmodan's Grotto, which he is granted when the owner notices him to be a "military type", hence able to survive in the passage. At the exit of Gozmodan's Grotto, the party encounters the Esper Syldra, whom they defeat in battle and Vera acquires her services. Back in Branch Castle, Vahn relays to Lard Adder everything he has learned at witnessed after departing for a white mage. Lord Adder suggests to capture Malacore i order to study him and learn of what drove King Branch into starting the Crystal War in the first place. When Vera starts asking the Lord what he will do with Malacore after everything is done, the man admits he hasn't thought it that far, and Vera criticises him for that. When Lord added starts to speak about a prophecy, Vahn interrupts asking him about it. Lord Adder reveals it is an ancient prophecy which speaks about the end of the world "as they know it". If the elemental balance would be disturbed the world would be shrouded in darkness, but the real consequences are unknown. Lord Adder then advices Vahn to search for Hans in the east who has gone after Braak. Vera reveals that he answers to Lord Zeul, but she is unable to think of a reason why he would send the general to Branch. With the Serpent Road mysteriously out of service, Lord Adder suggests them reaching Eternal Blue via Old Branch under the castle. In the Old Branch, the party discovers the spirit of King Branch who orders them to leave the place. As they do not show any intent on doing so, the spirit forces them to battle but looses. As the King is to fade away, he laments on his horrible acts while he was alive and says his goodbye to his son "wherever he is", shocking Vahn with this latter bit of information. The group then boards the Eternal Blue at the port in the east and sets sail. As Vahn and Vera wonder about Malacore's next course of action, the ship's crew suddenly transforms into Archareons and attack the group, with Gylfi as the lead. When Gylfi looses, he summons Hans to finish off the party, much to Vahn's shock. As the battle drags, Gylfi grows impatient and dismisses Hans who bids farewell to Vahn. The Archareon leader then calls forth Meteo and destroys the vessel, scaterring the party.

Vahn washes with a beaten up Elina on a shore and carries her to Mohadmal Village. The village Elder lends his bed upon seeing Elina's poor state and tells them that they are in Lenadia Kingdom. When Vahn asks him about the local Crystal the Elder states that it is somewhere close to the capital, but the village is cut from the rest of the kingdom with the Mohadmal Wall. He reveals that their town guard Cecil has the key to its gate, but is afraid he is no longer alive. He says that after the adventurers went to the nearby Mohadmal Pyramid they uncovered a tome that upon reading it resulted in the place becoming a place for dangerous spirits from all around the world and Cecil went to investigate it. The Elder warns him of a being guarding the entrance that can only be slain using Mohadmal gear and when Vahn asks him where he can find some, the Elder reveals that an octopus stole it. In order to reach the octopus, the Elder advices the dragoon to search for a man in south who is looking for a way to reach the nearby island where the monster lives. When he arrives to Gord's house, the owner is about to send him away, but Vahn says that the Elder of Mohadmal Village told him he could reach the island through him and Gord agrees allows him to pass. Traveling through Gord's tunnel he arrives on the island and enters Island Cave. Deep within the cave Vahn comes upon a dragon who is barring a path for a ninja and offers his help in taking it down. The ninja accepts and together they defeat the monster, with the man introducing himself as Nobumasa beforehand. In the cave's depths they encounter the octopus Ultros who challenges them to a duel for the Mohadmal gear and he looses the fight. Afterwards Nobumasa asks Vahn if he can join him sensing that can frequently encounters strong opponents in hopes of finding an enemy that will test his limits and the dragoon agrees. The two return to Mohadmal Village and Elina rejoins the party. However the white mage feels down being helpless after the Archareons' attack, but Nobumasa cuts in explaining that there are situations in life a person has no control over and she should get over it, to which Elina reluctantly agrees to. Then group then enters the Pyramid and slays its guardian with the help of Mohadmal gear. Deep within the pyramid the party defeats a monster that guards Cecil's body and retrieves the Mohadmal Key which they use to open the gate at Mohadmal Wall. The group arrives at Palumpu Post where monsters are starting to overtake the place and Vahn volunteers his party to take take care of them. Encountering a mysterious device on Gryphon Mountain that prevents entrance to the mountain cave, the party decides to go to Palumpu to see if someone can help them go pass it. In the town they meet a blue mage girl Ami who is confused about the "green object" that Vahn speaks of and orders him to take her to it. At Gryphon Mountain, Ami reveals that the green orb signifies Quetzalcoatl's return and to dispel the orb they need to offer thunder berries that grow atop Mt. Palumpu which the party goes to fetch. Atop Mt. Palumpu the party meets Dio once again whom they defeat and take a thunder berry. Back at the Gryphon Mountain the party offers a thunder berry and the orb dissapears, allowing them passage. Deep within the mountain they encounter Quetzalcoatl who forces them to battle but looses. Hearing from Vahn that maybe the disturbance caused by recent villainous activities around Crystals results in monsters going mad, Ami decides to join the party in hopes of protecting the Crystals so monsters would calm. In the town of Organa, the party is denied bridge passage by the Elder whose son was kidnapped by a man in armor. Seeing Vahn's armor, he is wary of him and states that if he brings back his son, he will allow them to continue their journey, the only hint he gives is that the bandits took his son to the northwest. Vahn then travels to Mizuda's Refuge via a chocobo and meets an old wizard named Mizuda who tells him of Faluhd Castle where the bandits have likely taken the Elder's son and that he will give him a key to it provided that Vahn will catch his rabits in an alotted time. The dragoon succeeds in catching the rabits and is rewarded with the key to the castle. Vahn and the party then go to Faluhd Castle and rescue the Elder's son. The boy is then returned back to his father and the Elder allows the party to travel through Organa. On their way the party discusses locations they will visit on their to the Wind Shrine. However Elina still feels weak in comparison to Nobumasa and Ami, but Vahn says that she protects them in her own way and admits that without her magic he would have never come so far. The white mage is stuttered and Vahn takes that as Elina's acceptance of her own way of fighting.

When the party arrives at Kohlingen, the town is under a monster attack. After saving a woman from the monsters, Vahn decides to talk with the town Elder to asset the situation. The Elder speaks of warnings that came from the town of Daguero about monster attacks, but recently any contact with the town disappeared. The Elder then says that to reach the town and the capital to an extent the party needs to travel through systems of caves and implores the party to check Daguero on their way to the capital. In the Kohlingen Cave, Vahn comes across Vera and Oalston fighting a chimera. After the successful battle, Vahn and his party reunites with Vera and Oalston who say that they washed up on the west coast. Vera informs Vahn that monsters try to converge around the Wind Crystal with little success and due to that many different monsters end up trapped on the Great Plain around Daguero. Vera and Oalston then inform the party of a shrine there were staying while waiting for a word from him and the two go there, saying that they will be waiting for them there. Vahn's party arrives at the Rift Shrine where they meet Ramuh who tells him to seek help in Lenadia to aid him in his quest of vanquishing Malacore, but warns the dragoon about someone who does not want him to interrupt what Malacore is doing: the Archareons, rulers of the Esper World. Ramuh says that Archareons believe that Vahn pursuing Malacore will bring about the Blackmoon Prophecy. The Esper hints about Vahn's lineage and binds himself to Vera. After arriving at Daguero by defeating Evil Wall in Rudra Cavern, Vahn and his party visit the town Elder who upon the dragoon's asking says that the town has no way to cross the mountains to reach the capital, but states that he has seen a map from the capital and suggests asking him about help. At the inn-pub the party comes across Cid, a head scientist, whom they ask about a way to the capital. The man reveals that there is a Serpent Road to the north in his laboratory, but the monster there is too strong for him. Cid then accompanies the party to the laboratory located on the Plain. There he explains that the monster that is at the top of the lab protects a cure for people who administer the Serpent Road and without it they won't be able to continue their journey. >idway through the tower the group encounters Magus Sisters who protect the tower from intruders for their master and force Vahn's party to battle but loose.

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