The Voice is an unseen entity in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II that speaks to mages through the Crystals of the Elements. It provides helpful advice to party on their journey to stop Ramuh and the Espers in their war against humanity.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The appearance of The Voice is unknown, nor is it even certain if The Voice has a physical appearance of any kind. It is generally helpful and informative to any mages who speak with it, as it seems to desire protecting the world from Espers just as much as humankind.


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The Voice is first encountered within Echo Temple when the party discovers that the Crystals of Elements, thought to have been destroyed a century ago by Malacore, have reappeared in the world. Carina Madeen and Hautley von Muir hear The Voice speak to them when they touch the Crystal, and it provides the party with directions to the Nethicite Shard of Lindblum.


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