Thievery is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Level 99.

List of Thievery abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description
Steal None ? Steal an item from the enemy.
Mug None 25 Steals an item from an enemy while attacking.
Master Thief None 38 Steal an item with increased success.
Aura Steal 25 MP 48 Steal buffs and put them on yourself.
Viper Edge None ? Damages an enemy. Inflicts Poison on critical strike.
Dancing Edge None ? A fivefold attack. Increased damage on critical strike.
Godspeed Strike None 20 Deals damage based on speed, ignoring defense. Uses reduced atb on critical strike.
Mercy Stroke None 30 Damages an enemy. High chance to kill target on critical strike.
Rudra's Storm None 43 Deals wind elemental damage. Increased damage on critical strike.
Exenterator None 56 Delivers a crippling attack. Critical strike bonus based on successful steals.
Sneak Attack 15 MP 15 Guarantees your next attack will critical.
Collaborator 25 MP 33 Increases the enmity of a target ally.
Flee 15 MP 23 Instantly escape a battle.
Stealth 10 MP 52 Temporarily stops random encounters.


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