"Timing" is the fifteenth and final episode of season 1 of Final Fantasy Still.


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At the Old Chaos Shrine, Garland sees an impatient Ultimecia who asks him what he wants. He informs her that her timing was accurate as the young SeeD has appeared at the time she spoke of. She then speaks about his lateness and he apologizes, but Ultimecia just calls him "silly" confusing him. She says that he failed her by not taking down the boy with a monkey tail as he thought the original purpose for which she sent her to her castle was to take down the young SeeD. She then proceeds to explain Garland how heroes will: initially they are off-like, but little by little their bonds with each other grow and transcend everything, a neverending supply of strength. Ultimecia scolds Garland for him ignoring the the threat that bonds possess. When asked about him what is she planning to do about it, she says she will do nothing since the young SeeD's road leading him to her is clouded by his own solitude. Garland then decides to sever the bonds that Squall made and he disappears. Ultimecia than says that she will be waiting for "her young SeeD".

At the Rift town, Zidane spies on Squall, but fails as the gunblade wielder says that he has been pretending to ignore him for some time. Zidane is adamant on joining forces with him, but Squall refuses to accept his help. The young SeeD attempts to leave but is followed by the monkey-tailed boy. Terra then appears and asks Squall to stay, yet he is still adamant on gonig alone. Then Zidane and Terra offer to join forces with him in his fight with the sorceress, but he calls them a burden because if they join him then Terra might end up in either in Ultimecia's graasp or back at the Empire. Despite being called "friend" by Terra, Squall ignores her and jumps into a compression pool. Zidane is ready to jump after him and encourages Terra to do the same, but the girl agrees to Squall's reasoning and chooses to remain at the Rift town.