Truth is a command skillset from Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance exclusive to Aeth.

List of Truth abilitiesEdit

Ability Requires Level Description Image
Heaven's Wrath 10 MP ? Strike all enemies with lightning.
Asura 20 MP 20 Strike all enemies with fire.
Diamond Sword 35 MP 32 Strike all enemies with wind.
Maelstrom 60 MP 44 Strike all enemies with water.
Divinity 60 MP 54 Strikes all enemies with the essence of the earth.
Nibelung Valesti 50 MP 58 Engrace a collision of elements upon the enemy's soul.
Celestial Void 30 MP 39 Attempts to inflict numerous ailments Inflicts Blind, Slow, Sleep, Confuse, Silence.
Faith 20 MP 18 Increases Spellblade damage, but increases MP cost and lowers defense.
Libra 5 MP 25 Reveal information about an enemy.


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