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For a character with a similar name from Final Fantasy XII, see: Vaan.

Vahn Vainstrong is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy. Vahn is a dragoon from the Branch Empire.





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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

Braak, an Ivalician general, is caught spying around Branch Castle and put to a prison cell, tries to persuade Vahn to release him from his cell, Darius appears threatening the general with death sentence. Upon hearing his words, Vahn and Hans ask Darius to behave or they will report his behavior to Lord Adder. Few moments later, they catch Darius speaking with Lord Adder and telling him that he and Hans are plotting with Braak against him, but Adder doesn't believe his words and strips him of his rights. When Vahn comes to Darius, he warns him that if he catches him misbehaving, he will report it to Lord Adder, but Darius envious of Vahn's prestige attacks him. Later, Lord Adder sends Vahn and Hans to the Water Shrine to check the state of Water Crystal as it appears its powers are weakening and monsters are drawn to it. In the Shrine, they encounter a mysterious being called 'Archareon' which informs them of Crystal's emotions and its feeling of pain. When asked why it feels pain, it responds that it's humans' fault and a 'man in black armor' drained its powers and attacks Vahn. After the battle, Darius teleports in, much to Vahn's surprise, and says that he drained some magic from the Water Crystal with a help of his 'new friend', gaining access to black magic, and taunts Vahn requesting him to head back to the Branch Castle. After returning to the Castle, Vahn is a witness to Darius's threats towards Lord Adder and fights Darius who teleports out of the throne room after the battle. Then Lord Adder proses proposes to 'fight the fire with fire', and requests Vahn and Hans to go to Village of Trei and ask Oalston for help as Oalston is one of few people studying black magic who haven't been driven mad.

At Trei, Vahn learns about Oalston's illness and the cure for it which are dragon scales. Along with Hans, Vahn go to the Cave of Surt in hopes of finding some scales in order to prepare the cure. They come across Surt, a last dragon in Branch, who sees his visitors a threat and attacks them. After getting the Ancient Scale, they head back to Trei and present it to Dr. Cunnings who is looking after Oalston. Before being able to speak why they helped them, a guard suddenly arrives and informs them that Maria ventured into the town's caves. Upon hearing this, Oalston pulls himself up form the bed and decides to join Vahn and Hans in their search for Maria, much to doctor's opposition. In the caves, the three find Maria attacked by a monster which Oalston's disposes with magic. After the party returns to Oalston's house, the doctor injects the cure into him. Then Oalston asks Vahn why he helped him and the dragoon explains the situation. The black mage suggests a process called 'purification' which would remove black magic from Darius's body without need of killing him, but the process would require a skilled white mage if it was to be performed. Hans suggests heading back to Branch Castle and ask Lord Adder if he could lend them Eternal Blue to speed up the process of finding a white mage. Back at the Castle, Lord Adder informs them the Eternal Blue is currently in Lenadia and can't be used. He requests Hans to stay and Vahn to ask Wedge, who is stationed in the Water Shrine, to join him and Oalston in their quest for a white mage. Then they travel through Trei Catacombs up to Ivalice Checkpoint where Vahn and Wedge take on the civilian attire to not raise suspicion of Ivalician soldiers.

While traveling through Cave to Mysidia, Vahn encounters Dio, a man hired by Darius to kill the dragoon. Vahn's party defeats the aggressor who flees after the battle. When the group arrives at Mystic Mysidia, they are witnesses to interrogation led by the Four Swords of Ivalice connected to a recent attack on the Citadel. After Deckar and Eva turn against Vera Farabrandt due to her methods, Vahn and his group protect her from aggression of her former allies. After the battle, Deckar and Eva leaves, and the Elder explains them the situation: a man clad in black armor wielding magic attacked the Citadel earlier that day and Vahn concludes that it must be Darius and they came to the town to seek a white mage who could remove the black magic from the corrupted dragoon. After discussing where the party could find Darius, Vahn theorizes that he may be after Crystals, and Elina notices the disappearance of Mysidian Flame, a symbol of Fire Crystal's well-being. The party decides to investigate the matter by going to Mount Gulgur where the Crystal resides. After passing through Mount Mysidia, Elina informs the party they will go through the abandoned town of Niflheim which lies beneath the volcano.

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Later LifeEdit

Vahn becomes the king who brings together Branch and Ivalice into one kingdom and rules it greatly.

At some point, Vera confesses her love to a shocked Vaan. Initially, his feelings towards her are mixed, but eventually feels the same to her. Vera marries Vahn a year after the Great Cataclysm and becomes the queen. Later, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to their son, Balthasar, a year later after their marriage. 26 years later, Vahn and Vera become grandparents after Balthasar's son is born.

When he dies at the age of 83, he is mourned across the world.



Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
1 150 18 23 24 9 45
10 475 23 48 34 17 59
20 1,025 31 86 48 29 81
30 1,773 40 133 66 44 107
40 2,672 51 186 86 61 138
50 3,676 62 244 108 79 170
60 4,745 74 304 131 98 204
70 5,855 86 365 154 118 239
80 6,991 99 428 178 138 275
90 8,145 111 492 202 158 311
99 9,250 123 552 225 177 345


Vahn's characteristic skillset is Dragon. It includes some typical Dragoon abilities, like Jump and Lancet, although known as Terragon Surge and Syphon Spear. Vahn has also acces to some unorthodox abilities as well, e.g. skill increasing elemental resistance to fire, blizzard, and thunder-elemental damage.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

In one of the story ideas for Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II, "The Crystal War", Babineau considered covering the events of the Crystal War where Vahn would be one of the playable characters, but the concept was abandoned.[1]

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy DiscoveryEdit

Vahn, along with Oalston, Elina, and Nobumasa are set to appear in Gold Saucer's Arena.




  • Vahn is the only character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy to cuss, but on a single occasion.


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