Vera Farabrandt is a playable character in Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy. She is a member of the Four Swords of Ivalice, a lone caller in the group.





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Final Fantasy Blackmoon ProphecyEdit

After the Citadel is attacked by a 'man in black armor' who is a magic user, Emperor Belmont summons Vera and tasks her with investigation along with Deckar and Eva, two other of the Four Swords, in Mystic Mysidia due to town being a home of magic users. However, Vera appears to be hesitant about her mission and Zeul implies it to be because of her status as a Kindred.

When Vahn, Oalston, and Wedge arrive to Mystic Mysidia, Vera is part of the investigation group sent by the Emperor to investigate the attack on the Citadel. When Deckar's rather aggressive means of interrogating the town's Elder fail, Vera requests him to try asking the Elder in his stead much to Deckar's anger who yields to her after all. After politely explaining the Elder reasons about their arrival, he says that no one in Mysidia practices black magic, the school of magic the attacker possesses. Deckar and Eva are not happy about Vera's methods of interrogation and attack her, but Vahn and his group defend her and defeat Vera's colleagues. After it, Deckar brands Vera a traitor and leaves the town with Eva. While discussing where the party could find Darius, Vahn theorizes that he may be after Crystals, and Elina notices the disappearance of Mysidian Flame, a symbol of Fire Crystal's well-being. The party decides to investigate the matter by going to Mount Gulgur where the Crystal resides. After passing through Mount Mysidia, Elina informs the party they will go through the abandoned town of Niflheim which lies beneath the volcano.

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Later lifeEdit

Vera confesses her love to a shocked Vaan. Initially, his feelings towards her are mixed, but eventually feels the same to her. Vera marries Vahn a year after the Great Cataclysm and becomes queen. Later, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to their son, Balthasar, two years after the worlds' merger. She passes away from old age at the age of 83.



Level HP MP Vigor Defense Magic Speed
5 253 50 34 26 24 52
10 442 74 49 31 32 60
20 948 135 87 45 50 82
30 1,636 214 134 63 74 109
40 2,464 300 188 83 101 140
50 3,388 396 246 104 130 173
60 4,373 495 306 127 160 207
70 5,395 597 368 150 191 243
80 6,441 701 432 173 222 279
90 7,504 805 495 197 254 316
99 8,521 902 556 219 284 350




Vera is a name of Russian origin and means "faith", possibly relating to her role as a caller and summoners from Final Fantasy X where aeons, summons of the game, were physical form of fayth. Vera is also sometimes associated with the Latin word verus meaning "truth".


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