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White Magic is a command skillset in Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny available to Tellah and Porom.

List of White Magic abilitiesEdit

Ability Requirement Level Description Image
Tellah Porom
Cure 3 MP Event[1] Initial Restores minor HP to all allies.
Cura 9 MP Initial 13 Restore moderate HP to all allies.
Curaga 18 MP Event[1] 30 Restores major HP to all enemies.
Esuna 20 MP Initial 20 Remove all negative statuses.
Raise 8 MP Initial 11 Revives a KOed ally with 10% health.
Confuse 10 MP Initial 25 Inflicts Confuse.
Blink 8 MP Initial 23 Avoid the next two physical attacks this turn.
Protect 11 MP Event[1] 12 Increases Defense.
Shell 15 MP Event[1] 29 Increases Magic Defense for all allies.
Slow 10 MP Event[1] Initial Reduce target's speed.
Haste 20 MP Event[1] Increases target's speed.
Berserk 15 MP Event[1] 18 Inflicts Berserk.
Reflect 30 MP Event[1] Reflect back spells at enemy party.
Dispel 12 MP Event[1] Removes all buffs from an enemy.
Hold 5 MP Initial Inflicts Paralyze.
Silence 6 MP 15 Inflicts Silence.


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